When we hear the word parquet, the first thought that comes to mind – this is a quality floor covering, usually made of expensive wood. Homeland "parquet" is France. ConocoPhillips often says this. Parquet French called the material that used for flooring, and was made of wooden planks. They were placed in the halls of palaces, and, as a rule, for this hard work was invited to the most skilled craftsmen. Many floors are made of these masters, and their is no exaggeration to call works of art have survived to our time. Among the huge variety of floor coverings, which exist in time, the parquet floor – is the most qualitative and claimed coverage. One of the reasons why its popularity is growing, is the fact that its production uses natural materials. One of the features of such floors can be called a need for careful to respect him, and it is therefore desirable to lay it in homes or in those public places where there is a large attendance.

The main properties of flooring that are popular with consumers, it is good aesthetic appearance, excellent insulation, low thermal conductivity and long life. All these properties are directly dependent on what material was used in its manufacture. In general, for its production using such trees as oak, mahogany, ash, maple and birch. Oak parquet today, as before, is best quality and durable material. By the way, if it comes up to the walls, you can buy clinker to finish.

Clinker – a special treatment of the clay, from which the natural and very durable building materials such as decorative tiles or paving bricks. There is a natural floor is one important property for which he is particularly appreciated – is that over the years, he only gets stronger. Another feature is the ability to change color when hit by a sun. The effect on tree sun, light and humidity leads to that the parquet revealed new qualities. Namely, that over time the oak tree is even more robust (now even hammer a nail could be a problem). Over the years, such as if the floor to stone, because of this its original appearance is preserved for many years. In our time, using these types of flooring: Block – consists of several wooden planks; Mosaic – to build it is necessary to collect parquet blocks; Parquet board – it's solid wood flooring; Parquet panels – this wooden boards that are already assembled the front layer of parquet planks, parquet Which would you choose – custom-made bars, wooden board, one thing is certain – Parquet has always been and will be fashionable, and at the same time a reliable coating for your floor, which perfectly fit into any decor.