Perfect Point Landing

‘German project Excellence Award 2011’ for water filtration experts BRITA Nuremberg, 26.10.2011 Germany’s best project can be found in Hesse: A team of water filtration experts BRITA (Taunusstein) has won the German project Excellence Award 2011 (DPEA). With this award the Association distinguishes company excellence project GPM German for project management. BRITA-team was managed a masterpiece: it has a new product, more than half a year earlier than originally planned in the trade, although it had to meet in between ever-changing technical challenges. The GPM also awarded a cross-company team of Fraport AG and the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH. This team is placed as a finalist with an excellent management of the stakeholder organization project. The two projects show what enormous benefits pulls the economy out of professional project management”, declared on October 25 GPM Board Gabriele Danzebrink on the occasion of the award ceremony 2011 in Nuremberg. Approximately 800 guests gathered.

Michael Boxheimer, program manager of the DPEA 2011, stressed: the two very different projects have brought project management variable to use. This will help the company to achieve their business goals.” The project team of BRITA had a difficult task to deal with: it should develop a household appliance in a very short time, producing beverages with fruit flavouring on basis of a capsule system. In addition to the technical development of device and capsules, the team developed packaging as well as strategies for marketing and sales. Also, the innovation was also still legally secured. For the company, the project team entered uncharted territory: BRITA deals for over forty years with water filtration, but not with soft drinks.

We had to learn quickly the necessary know-how about food”, describes the Deputy project leader Stefan Hother the challenge. The team, the market launch in addition to two succeeded in the final spurt Weeks preferable. Our company wanted to be in all cases before any competitors in the market”, explains the background of the ambitious schedule Hother.