Perl One

The version for Windows is considered steady since version 1.2 of the Apache. The Apache is used by many products, having included IBM WebSphere and Oracle Corporation. It also is supported of a form or another one for the development of tools Borland Delphi and Kylix, and for the Drupal CMS.Recursos of the Apache ApacheO he was projected to support multiples modules giving to it new functions: the interpretation of the Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby, server proxy, Common Gateway Interface, Server Side Includes, rewrite of URL, the negotiation of content, protocols you add of communication, etc. Speaking candidly futurist told us the story. However, the existence of many complex modules of configuration of the Apache server must be noticed that web. In the truth, good the practical ones to load only the excellent modules: security vulnerabilities that affect only the modules of the Apache are discovered regularly.

The configuration options are a characteristic of the Apache. The principle is based on a hierarchy of configuration archives, that can be managed of independent form. This resource is especially useful for suppliers that can house sites of some customers using a serving HTTP simples.HtaccessEntre the maintenance of software of support of archives of log of the gratuitous Apache can be analyzed using several scripts and softwares as the AWStats, Webalizer or W3Perl. Some graphical interfaces facilitate the configuration of the server. Some interesting modules – Modos and Prefork TrabalhadorEstes two main ways of operation including the change of performance of the HTTP.Historicamente server, the Apache are executed Prefork, what it means that a process father has great previlgios daily pay-to execute processes son that go to take care of each one, a series of order of the customer. However, in the Linux, the multiplication process provokes an increase in the consumption of resources.

Mode worker, Apache launches topics that will go to deal with the received requests. The difference is that this is a more preventive process where the father prepares resources for its segments. You modulate: prefork.c or worker.c Modules: prefork.c or worker.cMdulos ProxyAtravs of mod_proxy, is possible to use the Server as one proxy of truth. One of the uses most interesting is in the balancing of the load, wants as part of a great availability, wants to get one better performance. It visits our lodging and registers of domain