Plan Integrated Development

The region has great challenges due to urbanization in area of industries, what it makes it difficult for the CIS the process of land negotiation in these places the example Tomba that with available area cannot be negotiated because of a divergent planning between industry and residential area. The CIS this with a project called Managing PDDI-Plan Integrated Development, that would divide the sectors of industries for segments and certainly it would decide some of the divergence problems. Source: the city is situated in one of the main highways northeast Brazilian, where occurs the meeting of BRs 101, 116 and 324, that it functions as point of ticket for the traffic that comes of the region South and the Center-west, and if dirige for the Salvador capital and others cities northeast. Thanks to this privileged and at a distance relatively small position of Salvador, it possesss an important and diversified sector of commerce and services, beyond industries of transformation and the State University of Fair of Santana, with 21 courses, beyond six particular facultieses and a complex plant of ultralight airplanes, to the side of the existing airport in the city. With the development of the logistic units of the region arquitetados by the government and the private entities the region in finishes decade reached a 350% growth, this numbers surprising must it participation of an accumulation of 150 industries of small, average and great transport. So great expansion represents a total of 10.000 generated jobs of CIS-2005. The city is known as ' ' princess of serto' ' , with a population of 591.707 given inhabitants of the IBGE-2006, and occupying 34 in ranking national being bigger that eight capitals as: Aracaju, Victory, Florianpolis, Rio Branco, Palms, Porto Velho, Boa Vista and Macap, as estimative of (IBGE 2005). The urban structure takes in consideration the contrastante landscape that represents the geography of the region, where points out the streets and that it determines the forms of planning of the territory.