Police At UsedSoft Will Find It

The police of Thuringia has landed a real coup usedSoft second-hand software dealer. The police of Thuringia has landed a real coup usedSoft second-hand software dealer. After investigations difficult and lasting weeks, officials at Erfurt came a long-wanted delinquent on the track: the lowest price for the Windows 2008 Server licenses. The resourceful investigators immediately accessed and saved about 30 percent when compared to the original price. A clear sign that the used software trade is finally arrived in the normality is that now our vigilante of to used software access,”usedSoft Managing Director Peter Schneider said today in Munich. And actually more and more companies and Government agencies see what offers the software second-hand market, before they make their purchase decision.” Since the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said final legitimate trade in used software over a year ago, the sales increase at usedSoft steadily.

And for good reason ” emphasises Peter Schneider. A used computer program has no signs of wear and costs significantly less than Virgin. Why should you pay more? This is a question of economic reason.” The police of Thuringia is not the only authority which will save considerable resources with the purchase of used computer programs. Numerous cities, municipalities and other public bodies include the cities usedSoft’s clients, including the Federal Social Court in Kassel, Munich and Furth, the Stadtwerke Cottbus and Witten, and the district Viersen. UsedSoft usedSoft was founded in 2003 and is a leading European supplier of used standard software. The buyers of usedSoft licenses are both companies such as software vendors. Customers of usedSoft group include bread, s.Oliver, Segafredo, Munich and Salzburg airports, various law firms, a leading Club in the Football League and various Sparkassen e.g.

Edeka, Woolworth, Harry. Also available in German Authorities increasingly used software is used: in addition to the city of Munich, the Federal Social Court in Kassel, the municipality Bad Salzuflen and the data centre Baden-Wurttemberg over 300 other cities and municipalities put on usedSoft licenses. The savings on the purchase of unused licenses are up to 30 percent of the sale price. Board of Directors of the company are the former Siemens Chairman Heinrich von Pierer and the former head of IBM Europe and BDI President Hans-OLAF Henkel. press contact: Christoph Moller Moller pr phone: + 49 (0) 221 80 10 87-87 E-Mail: