Free software is widespread and most use it practically every day, but do not always know the advantages of using it. Through this poll we intend to study the understanding, use and trust that the Internet society has free software: actually the users know what is free software? they use it because it is free or continue its philosophy? Why do some stop using it? We will answer questions that will help us all who encourage the use of free software to learn about the reality of free software, the work remaining to be performed and to find solutions so that more users know it, Longridge and trust in him. The survey is open to everyone; its great advantage is precisely what not to focus on one type of concrete user (users of Windows, Linux, free software supporters). Let us know the global reality of free software, and for that we have to have all users. It is a complicated job, because few times there have been reports about free software covering to profiles of various users, but which will no doubt provide plenty of information for the development of this community. The results will be published on September 18, coinciding with the international day of the free Software. This is the second year that since PortalProgramas.