Renovations In Moscow

Fast finishing facilities in Moscow at affordable prices cheap Overhaul Moscow firmly and trim shops in Moscow and the Moscow region zao – ready to fulfill the majority of construction firms, as well as team and private specialists. Customers generally assume that all the masters perform major repairs and about the same difference between specialists only in the timing and price. But in fact far from it. Overhaul restaurant in terms of properly signed by the contractor and the firm can do is not any team finishers. Losing money, nerves and time can be much less, if at the beginning of the work contact dzhrugimi customer company to furnish apartments. Mitchel Resnick spoke with conviction. We are different from those of construction companies, decorators and artists that we can do and we do quality repairs cafe lubogo level of complexity.

In overhaul premises, as opposed to cosmetic finishing commercial premises include: redevelopment of apartment #, # removal of flooring, demolition or installation not supporting brick walls, new plumbing layout # and electrical wiring, # installation of ceilings, paneling, and much more. Repair in Moscow budget and safely – can be executed, if designed and approved by a professional designer customer the technical documentation on execution of works on finishing restaurants. Apartment Decorating get cheap, if the wizard will check all of the builders of this kit approved documents, as is often the most expensive repair on a pocket hit repair work. Low-cost and high quality finish is made from restaurant 3-constant components: the right technology, performance finishes, good materials and, finally, a very important moment, people who can implement it in life. Now more … After a European-quality repair shop, we have developed a set of technical documentation for the work will be given to you. Finishing restaurants turnkey we do as the old housing stock in Moscow (Khrushev brezhnevka, stalinka) and repairs of bathrooms in new homes.

Finishing facilities under a key in the new houses – the price per m2 may even be cheaper (because costs are lower) than in the old uninhabited house because of lack of dismantling of old ceilings, linings, etc. But the quality of finishing facilities in Moscow and repair in the new house, not very different. Prices for all types of works on repair and construction, you can view the rates in the section on work. There is also an example of a contractual estimate. Please note that unlike other firms – we are writing to an upper threshold price for the work. And finally, we want to draw your attention that a reliable repair does not mean high cost work performed, as it requires no capital dodelok work. For more information about us can be found on our Internet project:.