Revolution Media

The colaborativo journalism is a step given in this direction. David Weinberger, author of the book ' The new clutter digital' my cites examples in this direction as the Oh news and the Wikipedia. Both situations where the common citizen can add knowledge and information, leaving of being a passive consumer to also become a content producer. These and other changes in them place each time next to the onipresena. Zygmount Bauman already says in it in its book ' Lquida&#039 modernity;. Bauman speaks in the onipresena of the information, the culture and the knowledge.

In a world the societies leave its solid, immovable status, pass to assume the fluidity of the liquid, that adapta it the situations, molding itself it the way. Thus, in this context we must adapting in them to these changes. to assume our role as contributing and collaborating in the construction of the New World-wide Order. As already it showed one of the videos most famous of the Youtube. The Revolution Media. The birth of prossumer. A communion between the producer and content consumer. The mobile Internet and devices are half platforms and of the moment.

However the transformation goes beyond the technology. It is mental, psychological and spiritual. Today, as well as the information, through the communication devices, we obtain to be gifts in more than a place at the same time. We obtain to multiply the access our ideas. Our vision of the world. As well as also, of another side, we can have access other universes. Either of house, through the television, of the radio or the Internet. Or in the street through one smart phone, net book or palm. everything this does not scare me impresses nor me, therefore already alive in this reality. As well as others as much. It is joined we. We are waiting you.