Safety First: Good Packaging Means Safe Arrive

The transport security is increasingly important accidents and damage of cargo are among the most important cost drivers in the transport of goods. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Mitchell Resnick. In many cases by choosing the right packaging material settled already in the run-up to avoid. Given the often low investments in packaging material compared to the expensive consequences of damage quickly pay off: the quality of the packaging material therefore plays a crucial role and should always be in the foreground. Tailor-made packaging solutions here are becoming increasingly important due to the high safety requirements in the EU and in the face of the multitude of different goods. Rajapack provides security along the entire transport chain with over 4,000 packaging solutions, European market leader in the field of B2B shipping trade packaging materials and machinery, its customers a very wide range of packaging solutions for the transportation industry. Packaging plays a key role during the entire transport process? This begins with the Choice of the right boxes. Raja Pack takes 500 different products in this segment of the simple corrugated folding carton down to the special risk goods box always attuned to weight, fragility, transportation or storage of the cargo.

Special bubble wrap or packing chips offer additional security for fragile goods. In addition special Pack bands when closing the boxes to use often come with multiple functions: on the one hand to prevent it, that the cartons open during transport, and must be accordingly tear-resistant. On the other hand they have a note or warning function such as particularly sensitive goods such as electrical appliances, glass or porcelain. Over 150 different Pack bands are currently in the Raja Pack Catalog to special labels come to the marking of dangerous goods such as corrosive or flammable substances. However special conditions apply: riders need a special license to all such cargo transport to are allowed.

Fitting applies to solutions for pallet goods also palletizing safety first. Especially in the export business, the choice of the correct range is an important building block for the transport security. Not always it must face the euro pallet: Meanwhile, there are also high-quality alternatives made of plastic or pressed waste wood. A selection criterion here is also the protection of employees against injuries such as nails or wood chips in addition to the simple and secure handling. On the pallet strapping or Pack straps secure the cargo. The wrap with modern stretch film prevents the load to slip along with good straps according to EN 12195-2. Alternatively, also stable and even waterproof container solutions be used. It has other advantages, since special security seals for containers facilitate the processing of Customs: so you hit two birds with one stone.