Sea Shell

You like gifts? A rhetorical question, because like all gifts:) And, of course, those who know that you are going to rest on the Sea of Azov. So if you feel sorry for wasting time and money to anyone about your little trip did not speak (although, if, for example, a native villager – something to hide is useless). And those who know about the trip, would you expect from even the most ordinary – but from the beginning! – The magnet on the refrigerator, even if they assure you that they nothing at all do not! But when its "not right", a friend or relative and do not receive a gift, he may feel offended! And what a good man offend? 🙂 Do not know what to bring? So we'll tell! Sea, as well as people who do not resemble each on the other. They are unique not only in its appearance, size, depth, and composition of flora and fauna and even the color of the water and the nature of emotion. And, of course, on every sea, there is something special that can be take with them. One of my friends, tired of the gift obligation by doing so. Going to the Sea of Azov coast which is known to be dotted with small, but beautiful shell, pre-nashila colorful bags and scored in their shells. This gave many friends and acquaintances.

Everyone was nice, and no one guessed that the girl was not worth a centime. Without a doubt, everyone wants to find something special, but here – Simple shell … but you would have seen what extraordinary things make these gifts from nature! Shelly on ships the size of a TV to tiny frames for photos. Looking at all these masterpieces of handmade, no one's head will not call you unoriginal in choosing a gift! And even some one, but very large and beautiful shell, it will look prestigious in the interior of any apartment! Give a bold paintings of seascapes, painted You, or if you feel shy of his work, local artists, with an inscription such as "best friend Coast to Vitali and painter Azovomorskogo" (with a picture of the artist and do not forget to take a picture).