A mobile, secure Office on a USB-stick starts self-sufficient system independent PC directly from USB flash drive viruses and Trojans have no chance integrated VPN software ease of use and safety license free of charge within the framework of the secureVD software maintenance Ettlingen February 2011, – by viruses, worms, and Trojans anyone has ever heard, even hackers and data spies show a lot of ingenuity when it comes, to bring illegally in possession of data. Who would like to connect to the Internet the company or practice network, used therefore VPN technologies for a secure and encrypted data transmission. But if already viruses or even key loggers are installed on the computer, even the best encryption won’t help. BWG Informationssysteme GmbH, a manufacturer of the well known graphical firewall secureVD, therefore all customers with software maintenance provides free of charge a mobile operating system available, with whose help of this threat can be met effectively. secureVD OS is based on Ubuntu Linux and is developed in cooperation with IBM. The operating system can be installed on a USB stick and can be taken anywhere. With secureVD OS, boot your computer directly from the USB stick and then reside in a self-sufficient operating environment. The integrated VPN software provides secure connections to your practice or corporate network, already existing on the operating system of the computer viruses and malware can do no harm.

All important functions such as E-Mail, surfing the Web and other Internet functions can be used on secureVD OS. For editing Office documents, Lotus Symphony is IBM Office suite”pre-installed. The exchange of documents from one computer to another is also very simple, because there is a separate memory area available on the USB-stick. Credit: kevin ulrich-2011. Files stored in this memory area, can be examined even further if necessary using the integrated virus scanner. Customers, the secureVD already employ, can free download the image to the USB stick and install disk on any number.