Service Selling

In other words: low Margin more sales! 3. Content selling or even content sale this era of the sale was the first that included a strategic differentiation of a product. Starting in the 1960s until the 1980s professional marketers, who with the help of advertising agencies created a brand awareness and customers know why its product was superior to any other evolved. The aim was the buyers the features and benefits”of a specific product for sale” and to increase the sales. The sale of functions and benefits in the foreground stood so first and foremost.

Content sales should allow the salesperson to sell the goods or services not only on the lowest price. In this era, it went around the neck away from the sale with the lowest price and toward a sale of brand awareness, sophistication and higher prices with larger margins. “Although this era the beginning of professional selling” marked, a problem is not taken: there were many features and benefits sold, there were considered but not the unique and diverse needs of the clients. In fact, this approach works product, but not customer oriented. Although content selling the more likely, that the sales with some customers, achieved not maximized success always still with all customers. This resulted in the development of the fourth epoch of selling… 4. Consultative selling, consultative sales or even solution sales over the past 20 years the consultative selling has grown tremendously and enjoys a growing popularity.

In the 1980s, the problem was recognized by many organizations that when selling features and benefits (contents sale) an individual value and its own advantage was missing many customers. Something, what is the customer personally important. In the consultative selling is the biggest focus on the deep understanding of the deeper needs, wishes and buying motives of the customers. It ensures, that the product or Service needs and motives of the customer care.