Shopping In Andorra

Now that approaches the time of cold and snow, Andorra will be in the spotlight again. For some people as a nerve centre of the ski season and for others as a perfect excuse to do some shopping. If you decide to stay in a rental in Andorra, it is well known that this city is a good place for shopping and many people travel there solely for that purpose. The reason of this? You avoid paying taxes on products. That Yes, always a quantities laid down are not exceeded and that its use is exclusively personal.

There is a division of products according to sector, distinguishing between agricultural, industrial and commercial products. In agriculture, for example, milk or cheese products, the maximum is 6 and 4 kg respectively, are tax-free, provided no overrides these amounts. Something also very common is the purchase of alcohol and tobacco, in the case of alcohol up to is between 3 and 5 liters and on tobacco the maximum is 300 cigarettes. Of course your sale is not allowed to children under 17 years. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to be in an apartment in Andorra, other purchases that are very successful in visits to the city are in the perfumeries, it is very common to take advantage of discounts on the peninsula in the colonies of brand.

For this type of industrial products the maximum is in 75gramos. These are some of the most common purchases along with the technology. Cameras, computers, mobile and a long list of products that have a good discount compared to its price in Spain. So for all those who do not like skiing, here is another reason to know Andorra and enjoy a few days of leisure at the best price.