SKS Server

"Telephone cross" cross phone – it's switching node connecting the telephone exchange and a linear cabling inside the building. Use it to test the phone lines and linear overcommutation, disconnect and connect subscribers to phone-tapping, etc. The structure of cross-country phone includes the following equipment: Skirtings Plinth – connects the station and the linear portion of the telephone wiring. In Depending on the number of pairs of jumper Skirtings are divided into several range;. – 2×8, 2×10, 2h8h3. Cross-boxes Cross-boxes or junction boxes are used to set the plinth with embedded inside Mounting clamps are closed and plastic construction.

Capacity cross-boxes can range from 30 to 200 pairs. Electrical cabinets SHRN Cabinets – SHRN (switchgear cabinet wall) – is functional analogue of the cross-box more power, made of metal. Its capacity ranges from 200 to 1,200 pairs. Amphenol Amphenol – Amfenolny cable used to connect PBXs and telephone cross. He characterized by the presence of two types of connectors: male (father) and female (mother). "Components of SCS" We offer our customers all the necessary components for building structured cabling systems (SCS). Below you can see brief descriptions of equipment and accessories for the SKS.

Cables UTP Cable UTP – unshielded cable is by means of which are laid horizontally or trunk lines. This cable is unshielded twisted pair, consisting of multiple twisted pairs. UTP cables are divided into those that are used for internal and for external installation. Also separately allocated stranded patch cables patch panel using patch panels by switching of active network equipment from the workplace. At the front of the patch panel ports are RJ45, on the back – jumper field 110 or KRONE. Patch Cords With patch cords connect the ports of network equipment. Patch cords patch cords are provided by several types (RJ45, RJ11, RJ12). Cross appointment panels 110 cross 110 – transit switching of multi-trunk cable .. Rosette Rosette – an integral part telephone and computer networks. Accordingly, the distinguished different types of outlets: phone, computer, power (electric). Connectors used for cable Splicing. We offer connectors RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, Telco Champ. Cabinets 19 inches, server cabinets, server racks 19 ', floor cabinets, wall cabinets We have a full range of 19-inch cabinets and racks. Floor cabinets, wall cabinets, open uprights, racks. MAXYS.shkafy 19 '- The best quality from the manufacturer. Enclosure cabinet 19 inches Monatzhny 19 '- this is the telecommunications closet, which is installed in the hardware and server rooms to install the 19-inch equipment. Cabinets 19 'are an enclosed structure with opening doors and walls. There are several types of cabinets – floor cabinets, wall cabinets, server cabinets. Open Rack 19 inch Unlike cabinets, racks 19 are an open design to install the 19-inch equipment. As a rule, the use of rack due to limited access to the server room. Server cabinet server rack – this floor cabinet monatzhny 19 inches having a depth of 1000 mm. Racks have a high level of static load and, thus, to server cabinets imposed more stringent requirements, in contrast to the usual outdoor enclosures.