Software Crm

Software manufacturers to support the strategies for CRM and SFA, offer many options of acquisition and hiring of software to market. There is even a strong current in the development and business use of free software (Open Source), which is supposed to be free and at least, much more affordable than other models. In this article we present some of the elements that a person responsible for assessing technological support for a strategy of CRM tools, must be present to submit options of procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of a software solution. Our intention with this article is neither defending nor promote any two models, On Demand or On Premise. Both models are entirely valid, and like everything in life, have their advantages and disadvantages, which are relative. They are relative in terms of situation and scenario in which you want to hire and use.

While for a company can be very timely, beneficial and insurance contract and implement a CRM solution under the model On Premise, for another it may be the opposite. We wish you to consider which are the variables to be evaluated and that it can make a detailed analysis that will lead to define which of these models is that can most benefit your organization. Not contemplate here variables related to the free software model, personally think that it is a topic of much risk, both technical as sustainability in the medium and long term, substantiate a business strategy based on a system that does not have all the elements of development, support, maintenance and future vision sufficiently clear and that someone in particular respond by this. Let’s go a little over the concepts of On Premise and On Demand: On Premise: refers to the traditional model of procurement, installation and operation of enterprise software. This means that the company acquires the right to use of software licenses, installs the software on your servers or equipment (whether owned or rented) and is responsible for the operation of the same, the update, the data security and in general, all activities as owner of the operation of the software.