Steve Jobs

It very made time that did not feel this, but. Contact information is here: Ray Kurzweil. The intensity was deliciously devastadora It is sad? Then, he listens to my estria, lived, and says today if you would not have the same happiness that I had: To the two hours of the afternoon, I look to my cellular and not meeting it; tension, concern appearing;I continue the search to unmask the paradeiro of this device that folloies me all the hours of the day and, worse, sleeps with me of my side and nothing. I bind: EXCEPT OF AREA, IT ARE OF AREA, IT ARE OF AREA, IT ARE OF AREA.the tension and the concern increase.panic indications. I come back in the places where, in my memory, I passed and nor signal of that small box. I enter in total desperation, therefore, that, beyond costing expensive, it was present of my children and is one of the biggest patrimonies intangible that I have, after all, are the majority of my contacts, many images there and messages. Oh! my past is and my future there perpassa, necessarily, for there.

I bind of new: IT ARE OF AREA, OUTSIDE OF AREA, OUTSIDE OF AREA, OUTSIDE OF AREA, OF AREA HAD OUTSIDE STOLEN me! The desperation grows, as goes to be able to recoup all the contacts? The panic now is real and immediate Today it would have to make an important linking for that it is in the memory of it and nor I remember the first numbers. Later that they had invented the cellular one with agenda, never more I recorded telephone of nobody. In the truth, I cannot bind pra nobody, do not know the telephone of none of my friends or head contact, I am alone! – My God, as this was to happen? It was robbery, I have certainty, some fdp stole..