Surface Geometry

As it turned out – the surface Still did not suffer so much as to renounce the possibility of recovery. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mitchel Resnick. Day of work needed a tinsmith, to recover the surface geometry. After graduating from the "rough" part, was invited specialist preparing surfaces for painting and gave his resume: the roof can be prepared, work tinsmiths accepted! Recovering the geometry of the frame It was the most important moment of repair – restoration of the geometry of the car kia Sorento. At this stage, the master with a laser "ruler" and the computer program again Gaugeable milestones and received data on the deformations produced in a car accident. As a result, it was found that the front part of the car, receiving a strong blow to the right shifted by 4 inches – hence can not do without seizures and powerful hydraulics bench. However, to bring to the ideal geometry (no tolerance for deviations of the points is less than 3 mm) it was necessary not to repeat the measurement and rearrange seizures. Last check clearances In order to check how effectively restored geometry of the body, car care professionals hung all over body panels: hood, doors, fenders, headlights and installed a new bumper.

By the way for this had to recover all of its fasteners – bracket-mount was destroyed blow. The assembly shown – the geometry of the body is fully restored, all body clearances match factory defaults, but oddly enough the next stage of repair was complete disassembly of the car. This is necessary in order to prepare the car for painting and drive into the painting chamber. Preparation for painting In order to proceed to paint the car was completely dismantled – with the body removed everything that could be dismantled. This allowed the maximum quality produce body parts to the work house painter. In the workshop held to prepare the machine for a week.

Details again are in place to conduct pilot test of geometry before painting, as well as check clearances on the body were navesheny prepared by members of the body – Everything except plastic bumpers, bonnet and tailgate.