Installer Credit

Within 24 hours of the heating and sanitary operation Axel Niedenthal leading his financial backers on Germany’s online credit Exchange Berlin found, 06.10.2010 for small businesses, which have to cope with financial difficulties or precede larger investment, going to the Bank must be the only option no longer automatically. Online credit markets like now offer a clever and above all fast alternative to receive funding. This shows the example of Axel Niedenthal from Baden-Wurttemberg. For over ten years, the 37 year-old Installer led his small heating and sanitary operation in Burladingen, a town in the Zollernalbkreis district, when he was caught by a failure of its tax end 2009 in a financial bottleneck. The IRS demanded- and advance payments at the same time.

Niedenthal had invested considerable resources in the acquisition of new machines in the same year, a liquidity gap was built for the family business. Therefore, Niedenthal, a loan decided in Height to record of 18,000 euros. But I needed a quick solution. From his experience with banks, he knew that a business loan approval would take considerable time, which stood at the moment not available. Therefore, he tried an alternative way of financing and familiarised himself with Germany’s leading online credit Exchange: for the business I have already signed another credit a bank run. But I decided for an online credit with, because it’s just faster.” The application was easy: In the first step, he entered their data online at and immediately know what amount of credit he could get at what price. In the second step, he sent on the same day the necessary proofs of income on smava. It was not complicated, because it is the normal way. “If someone is to give money, wants to know why he, and that is here exactly the same.” In the third step, the credit project by Axel Niedenthal was new acquisition with the title”to the nominal interest rate of 9 per cent financed with a maturity of 60 months well 24 hours from 36 investors.