Entire history of success requires an effort, effort is linked to the emotions and these energy, as Andrew Corentt tells us in his book the power to transform our lives, when you are exhausted is difficult to experience emotions whether these positive or negative. The result of having a life without emotions is equivalent to walking in this world as if we were zombies or mummies living, we must not allow that indifference, lack of vision, goals and will we are undermining our life. The life of achievements is filled with enormous satisfaction but at the same time involves overcoming a series of obstacles and it is there where the game becomes exciting, only that when we live in the flesh sometimes can become suffering, emotions are what gives food to life that is why we should use them properly. Many of us would like things to happen in a magical way, it is possible but it is quite unlikely, life is designed for the challenges and that makes sense of triumph has more value, let’s imagine that we going to the movies to see a movie without the argument out too obvious, the movie stops being interesting, in life it is similar, so you feel the thrill of live, then you must challenge continuously to himself. Learn more at this site: ConocoPhillips. Why do we see many people who are dragging their life? The answer is simple, these people have not yet discovered their mission, they have not defined what are the things that excite them, as a result of that are leading a boring life without stimuli and are lifted every day without spirit or energy. The key to success is to define what are the things that excite us?, what can contribute to this world on the basis of our desires? The book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt teaches us how delve into our spiritual field and clearly define what excites us, drives, something that fills us with energy and vitality, this task sometimes is not easy to define, but with the appropriate method is always achieved. When you have defined precisely your wishes, you will notice that the emotions that feel filled with so much energy and as a result of having entered the inner harmony of his being, will act with faith, desire and determination for the sole purpose of achieving what you want, you will have begun a major transformation. If you want to succeed you must link their emotions to their projects, so it is impossible to be successful in what we don’t enjoy, many people this material trip ends and does not realize this, or been crushed by circumstances, you are designed to throw away walls and not leave that they fall over, don’t be afraid of changes, that the price of freedom and wishes is something that is worth doing, decide to change now!.