Duck Daniel March

All the assistants meet in the Pla of the Font of 22:30 to 1:30, with the action of the orchestra Duck Daniel. To the 1:30 he gives to beginning the parade by the municipality. In order to know what is this celebration, the best thing is to discover it by one same one and to rent an apartment in I beat for Carnivals 2011. Ours third plan is different from the other two, we propose a stay to you in Salou to live the Carnivals on Tarragona. The dates of Carnivals are of the 26 of February to the 8 of March.

All the city is very participating in this celebration, since she is full of events for children and adults. The departure point is, the 26 of March, with the Xarronada; one day of gastronomical benefit in which cooks escudella, cooked Catalan typical that will be oferecer to the public in the Central Market until it is finished. The moments keys of these Carnivals are: Friday 4 of March to the 12:00, Visita of the Carnestoltes, the Concubine and concubinat, and the concert of Rosary Flowers and the Genie to 22:30 h. The 5 of March to 12: ooh, slope of Pajaritu, and in the evening rua to 18:00 h of Saturday and to the 17:00 of Sunday. Also very &amp is known the Contests Drag Queens; Drag Kingsel, this year, in the Metropol theater the 7 of March to 21:00 h. The Carnivals of Tarragona put point and end the 8 of March with the burning fire of the Ninot and the Ninota in the place of the Font, with spectacle pyrotechnics including. If you wish to live the festive atmosphere on the city, but also to enjoy relax, we suggested an apartment to you of rent in Salou for Carnivals 2011 of Tarragona. The three are good plans and for that reason we have wanted to dedicate lines to him, but, it remembers that this celebration is celebrated in almost all our destinies. Elije the one that you prefer, ponte the mask and to enjoy the Carnival!