Mental Force: Rise Above Itself – With System

The person uses usually only ten percent of his innate intellectual potential. SELM. “In his advisor mental force” success author Wolfgang Rademacher spans a unusually wide for him topics: involves him nothing more than, to awaken all the spiritual forces at its readers and better to unfold, has everyone from birth and often already quite fast then systematically applied to the mystifyingly. This is due to our dogmatisierten education, dusty traditions of many other causes”, explains Wolfgang Rademacher. Ultimately, all of these factors cause that our most important mental resources is spilled, and we get only a fraction of our true life potential. That should and must be but not a permanent condition.” All spiritual aspects are promoted in a single book for last but not least force carries mental”to do so in that the reader begins to question his own abilities as his habits and his previous attitude towards yourself. All These factors (and many more) are set screws of the life success and who adjusts this parameter correctly, is superior to many lengths to his fellow human beings in many areas.

No matter whether it concerns the development of ideas, negotiating success or stability in discussions. A very touching chapter and how to mentally handle with the awareness of the inevitable is dedicated to even the finiteness of his own life. As always, not leave it Wolfgang r m in theoretical treatises, but weaves through all of his theories with real events of his eventful life. This makes mental force”to a light, stimulating reading but serious consequences for every reader may have. Consequences for good! Wolfgang Rademacher: mental force book 32 x 22 cm large-format DIN A4 hardcover, approx. 240 pages with free CD-ROM book is exclusively available at: mental force.php V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Tel.: (0 25 92) 98 18 87 fax.: ()0 25 92) 98 18 89 E-Mail: boiler plate Wolfgang Rademacher writes books that open the eyes of every reader.

Books that motivate and inspire. Books that provide special insider knowledge. Thus anyone through own actions themselves out of any predicament can free themselves and the current situation was still so hard. With this knowledge, the reader is masterfully mastered personal, professional, financial or business situation and to find more quality of life. For more information

More Freedom For Books!

The Web 2.0 literature Portal offers authors new opportunities in the marketing of their texts as of October 2010, just in time for the Frankfurt book fair, triboox is extending its offer for authors and offers extensive features. Authors can create future books or E-books from their texts uploaded at triboox and sell them without financial wholesale. Each author can set the amount of the author fee. The works in the triboox bookstore and acquire an ISB number as well as in stationary book stores and amazon are available. The offer also offers the option, to print books only for their own needs, without having to publish it. We support writers on their way, texts of all genres, as print or electronic book on the Internet and on mobile devices to market and to earn money.

In addition, we authors offer a variety of services, such as editing, proofreading, book record and professional cover design “, as Karl-Friedrich Pommerenke, Managing Director the triboox GmbH & co. KG. The authors have the opportunity to determine different covers and covers the layout of your book or E-books even from a variety. As well, various formats, types of binding and paper qualities are available. The books are, as soon as she ordered were in the on demand procedure”printed and delivered. triboox occurs only as a marketing platform and portal, which is independent from publishers, media corporations and public institutions. The intellectual property rights remain with the respective authors. The setting of manuscripts offered triboox also free.

triboox authors offers in the future the Exchange and the already possible enhancement functions for text. “Under the slogan freedom for books!” literature at triboox in an interactive process can evolve. The Portal provides a forum for readers – and Autorencommunity. Anyone can free upload his lyrics and introduce the triboox community. Literature fans can discover the latest works of authors and read, rate, comment, discuss and buy now. triboox already in 2008 as the first platform that enables the exchange of literature in the network, the start went on with very good resonance. And now we are the first ones that offer a combination of simple marketing and quality improvement by the community. At triboox is the traditional publishing model combined with the a community publishing “. “That sets us apart from other self publishing portals and, as the authors not in financial input must be from subsidy publishers”, Palmer emphasized. Often snooze”good, high-quality literary texts in the drawers by authors. bring this triboox want to light”. Anyone can triboox, no matter young or old, easily publish his texts and spread across social media capabilities. You can embed excerpts on blogs that own Web sites and on Facebook click. Tweet count as well, like sending an individualized To win new readers book recommendation”, as Karl-Friedrich Pommerenke. For more information, see.

With Scrum

Author Henning Wolf, who took the prize counter: We very appreciate the award. With Scrum, it behaves so that it can be very easy to inspire. “At the same time it is, but quite difficult to introduce Scrum and successfully apply. The book helps not only with the thrilling, but also when you apply. Above the IAPM: The IAPM International Association of project managers was founded in 1997 and is a worldwide association with CA for project managers. Here the IAPM provides different certification options, including to the “certified agile project manager” specifically for IT project manager. Includes the Association of philosophy of the IAPM: fairness through person-neutral conditions, since online. Fairness through to country-specific conditions adapted rates and fairness through recertification waiver.

Is the basis of certification for project managers the “PM Guide 2.0” emerged in 2010 in close cooperation with internationally operating project managers. Already have employees of from reputable companies such as Siemens, DB ProjektBau or Toptica Photonics IAPM certificates and thus in the long run benefit from the expertise and reputation of the Association. “ about the book: the power of Scrum: inspiration to the revolutionary project management method” Rini was by Henning Wolf, van Solingen and Eelco Rustenburg written and describes the issues by Mark Berner, Chief Technology Officer of software company, whose main Projekt is in big trouble in the form of the novel. With the help of his North German Scrum coaches Stefan, how completely changed and the project led to the success. While many of the core issues be eliminated very structurally and sustainably. Scrum is a lightweight agile approach to project management that fast and promotes effective software development. This follows Scrum a step by-step approach and focused on value creation, team responsibility and the close involvement of the customer. ISBN-10: 3827330521; ISBN-13: 978-3827330529 more information + images at: IAPM – International Association of project managers Dr. Roland Ottmann of Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board, Schumannstrasse str. 27 d 60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 0049 69 975 46 137 fax: 0049 69 975 26 110 E-Mail:

Dierk Rohdenburg

I’m trying to shake them off, but they are stuck, be thrown at my feet through the air, not letting go. Disgusting idea. Horror. No, I must not have really. Rats can transmit disease. Even the plague! Deadly diseases. I’m looking for.

I tell myself don’t panic, even though my heart beats such as before an attack. The man is smarter than rats. In any case, he has more power and can prevent these creatures to heave up a grid. Bricks are stacked on the shed wall. I go to grab one to me. He has a rough surface, is pretty hard.

Should I go to the drain so now? Never. The critters just waiting and launch their attack, if I’m right up close. So, I’m trying to throw the stone from here on the grate. Had I been more sports! The first litter goes far past. Full doof! I do it again, and now I meet. There is a high-pitched cry, rattling the drain cover, but he stays so that no gap occurs through the can the rats out. The stone is located above it. So, now you’re trapped! Is it in your sewer below! Hopefully the critters be gone soon, think I and prefer to the courtyard behind me. Is still bad to me. Alone this Squeak! My knees tremble. Thereby, the rats have been not really big. But it’s also not: Ultra-ugly you are! This long, bare Dick! Cute animals have dogs, cats, rabbit fur on the tail. Or just Springs as for budgerigars. But rats! If I try to imagine that the critters in the sewers to climb upwards the author: Dierk Rohdenburg, born 1966 in Bremen, studied German language and literature and cultural studies at the University of Bremen. He published his first book at the age of 29. Since then, numerous children mysteries, young adult novels and books for adults are published in loose intervals. For many years, writing is his hobby. As a teenager, he began to write short stories. In 1992, he received the author’s grant of the Federal State of Bremen, in 1995, he published his first novel. Rohdenburg lives in Bremen. He is a full-time editor of a local newspaper in the Lower Saxony region of the Hanseatic City. Dierk Rohdenburg going what? Youth novel Pascu-verlag, Berlin black and white illustrations ISBN 978-3-943018-40-0 10.90 (D) / 11.90 (A) / sFr 15,90 available in any Bookstore, online bookstores and Verlag: Our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old alike: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics. “” So, our program includes a series of partly regional cooking and baking books, the edition of sunlight travel “and the book series Technic3D computer technology made easy”. Advice from other areas are also in the planning. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our long-term goal is but also, in our program to showcase the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects. Started with Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions. Contact: Pascu-verlag Heidelinde Nurnberger Tauentzienstr. 13A, 10789 Berlin Tel 030-217-999-19,