Power Supplies Source

The power supply is an electronic Assembly capable of transforming the current from the mains in a current that your computer can support. It caters to all components and most of the time comes built-in in the box. It is an important element that many times when choosing components computer computing is subtracted him notoriety. Be responsible for supplying power to the system. It is mainly chosen by power and whether it is capable of supporting the requirements of our team. The Mission of the power supply in your computer can be divided into three different functions: transformation, rectification, filtering and stabilization. We must choose a source of power in keeping with our needs, since it will depend on our computer’s performance and what is equally important in good part or more, which is the life of this. Nothing helps us install the micro and the most powerful graphics we find if we then have a power supply is not capable of delivering the power you need with the quality and the necessary stability.

The quality of a power supply is determined by the stability that has both the maintenance of voltages and the delivered power. In terms of the types of power sources, there are two types of sources: source en or source pc ATX: en power sources: were used until the advent of the Pentium MMX, is at that moment when already they begin to use ATX power supplies. Characteristics of sources AT: to the motherboard connectors vary from those used in sources ATX, the source is activated via a switch. Technologically compared to ATX, the en sources are somewhat rudimentary in its electronic part. Source ATX: She is always active, even if the computer is not running, the source is always powered with a small voltage to keep waiting.

These sources do not carry switch as ignition system, corresponding power function to a contact that is controlled by the motherboard, that sends a signal that is using a short the responsible for enabling or disabling the source. One of the advantages is that ATX fonts do not have a switch that turns on / off source, if not it is a button connected to the plate base, and this takes care of turn the source on, this therefore entails the power to make connections/disconnections by software. There is a table, to classify the sources according to their power and box. Boxes desktop en => 150-200 W Semitorre => 200-300 W tower => 230-250 W Slim => 75-100 W box Desktop atx => 200-250 W is advised to be careful with touching the selector switch voltage that some sources carry, this switch serves to indicate to the source if our House has a 220v current or 125v if we choose what is not will have problems. If required a high performance computer, as for example the gamers pc requires a power source above all things, Antec is the global leader in components and accessories high performance for games, since it has a quad power and advanced design to a popular voltage, antec sources count with Special high current and wiring resistant connectors. Finally do not forget to check the status of the supply fan, a faulty supply fan can mean the end of your computer, by raising the temperature of the system above the usual and producing a general system failure.