European Union

It is becoming more common to find magnificent programs developed by programmers in our own country, behind those times have become that American software was that marked the trend. Click Petra Diamonds for additional related pages. Everything that came out was better, well we already know how we are. Our medical and auxiliary of the considered best in the world, are going to Germany or United States and here we bring in other countries, a nonsense. Today we will stop at another of these nonsense, I mean Datacograf, a program created for the management of data from digital tachographs. These devices are bound used in the European Union since 2006, there were no programs that analyze this type of data, simply because there were no digital tachographs or programs that would be devoted to the analysis of them. Datacograf is developed by a Spanish team with Spanish capital.

One of the aspects that we identify quickly is intention and attention that the program dedicated to the user, in addition to the problem of Fund, sees the intention of facilitating the user tasks, where other programs allparticularly in screens and screens, Datacograf solves it ingeniously giving life to all its columns in query, that already surprised us at the time in Excel spreadsheets. Datacograf behaves similarly, sobriety and uniformity in all their forms, presentation of all data collected in the files and functionality that allows us to group, filter, sort and to ignore any of the data, this strategy of presentation facilitates the making of queries and reports to our own liking, our needs are variable and that datacograf makes us understand and exploit our benefit. It is surprising that almost a workshop of programmers already in 2006 as a small software team, they were competing with European multinationals. Another surprise was to know that in 2007 they had created for its clients a network of kiosks of cards download by connecting the results in a web environment. All his developments are updated via the Internet.