Internet – Work Or Play ?

When people first discover the Internet, they rarely come to mind that it can earn. They use the resources of the World Wide Web with a variety of purposes – for communication, information retrieval, for meet their different needs. Gradually, however, the most advanced users are beginning to ask questions: "Excuse me, but how the Internet works? After all, the content of sites, design and content is probably worth a lot of money? What web altruistic work? "Finally, they clarifies for himself that most Internet sites still operate on a commercial basis. Annoying ads on almost every website like this all the time. As a result, real thinking person wants to get a piece of the pie. Petra Diamonds will not settle for partial explanations. At least to start with, to secure additional income to supplement their main job. And it begins look for ways to make money online.

He immediately falls for an avalanche of proposals – but choose the real rather difficult. Because most of these proposals – full lime. Present options for earning online is not so much. But they are, if properly search.

Abraham Maslow Motivation

'There are leaders by nature, they intuitively understand how to manage people' – farm manager admires-class militants Development Director 'SET-holding' Elena Prorokova. The used technique is primitive, but in terms of management motivation, he was a real breakthrough. The fact is that most of the popular theories of motivation affects the common drawback – they rowing all employees with the same brush. Thus, according to the concept of Abraham Maslow, all people want the same: they begin with the satisfaction of 'basic' needs and complete the highest demand for self-realization. Therefore, need to stimulate all the same.

Experience 'SET-holding' says the opposite: different types of people need different incentives: one – money, to others – his wife rolling pin. So the company did not indiscriminately increase all wages, and agreed to pay To each his own. To begin with staff tested the technique by Russian scientist Vladimir Gerchikova. He was among the first identified five different types of motivation. The Fifth Element Vladimir Gerchikov on personal experience convinced that the 'universal employee' does not exist – after he met with the world of the Soviet plant.

He came to the young engineer and company quickly risen to the deputy chief designer. But suddenly threw a career, to get a sociological education. 'My father realized that one of the main problems of the country – low productivity and inefficiency in the industrial relations system' – explains the daughter of a scientist managing partner of the companies' top management consult "Yosh Gerchikova.