CEO Harry Assenmacher

Organic cocoa creates permanently alternative source of income in disadvantaged regions of organic cocoa instead of cocaine”? under this heading, as experts for cocoa cultivation and fair trade have been from former drugs farmers of northeast of Peru, Deutsche Welle reported. Where once the coca bush and the drug mafia ruled the country, Peru’s sustainable cocoa growing today in the Northeast. Former drugs farmers have become experts in organic farming and fair trade”reported the Deutsche Welle and performs among other things:”Rivera’s foreman on a plantation that produces organic cocoa. You heard the German company forest finance, which invests in sustainable cocoa. “In Peru, a very high-quality cocoa grows since time immemorial”, says CEO Harry Assenmacher. “We want to continue this tradition.” Before the fine cocoa, coca for the production of cocaine were mostly grown on the land. Until the mid-1990s, Peru was the world’s largest coca producer. In the meantime, Peru has changed but dramatically positive.

As Peru with organic cocoa is now World’s second largest manufacturer. “So linked among other things, the poverty rate has decreased in the past decade from 70 to 31 percent” reported the Deutsche Welle and cites as a reason: in addition to public investment in school, roads and security that lie on the booming agricultural production. ” Noble cocoa farming has created on the former coca areas permanently legal alternative income opportunities. The full post is online under bio cocoa held cocaine/a-17265839 mentioned in the article ForestFinance-employee Adan Rivera is also the protagonist in the film about cocoa harvest in Peru. For the video, see CacaoInvest with environmental, social and financial return: CacaoInvest is an eco-investment offer of the Bonn ForestFinance, where fair and sustainable organic farming of fine cocoa and hardwood trees on Brach – and pastureland is invested in.