Dual Sim Card

DUOS Phone with two active SIM cards that are simultaneously connected. The news has long been known to all. Many of you would like to have a few rooms, but you have to wear two or phone or carry a symbol card and, if necessary to rearrange their positions. All this was not convenient for modern man. This problem was solved by creating a mobile, in which the 2 sim cards working at once, without any switching and restrictions. Get all the facts and insights with Mitchel Resnick, another great source of information. At the same look of the phone has not changed and it had no impact on performance. A striking example of mobile phones with two sim card is a model of the Flying F003 made in a form factor of iPhone. In addition to the two SIM cards that phone is able to translate Russian channels in color.

So, you can always watch the news or your favorite gear, even while away from home. Also, other characteristics of the phone you will be pleasantly surprised! Great Russian language, the phone's screen supports 260K color. With a resolution of 240×320. The feature set is impressive: a photo / video / web-camera, MP3/MP4- player, FM-radio, analog TV, the 64-tone polyphonic ringtones, Bluetooth, WiFi. Also in this model are: – Memory Phonebook 500 contacts, SMS, MMS, calendar, tasks, alarm clock, world time, stopwatch – on / off schedule mobile, voice recorder, a calculator, a few games. Another popular model can be called a model of the Flying F006 performed in form factor phone BlackBerry. Phone rubberized case fits comfortably in your hand.

On the functions it is absolutely identical except for the second F006 camera at the front of the phone. This phone is also able to transmit Russian TV in color. It has WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet. In the iPhone F006 built FM-radio. It can hear in the background, that is to listen and at the same time, for example, view pictures or write SMS. If you are interested in copies of the cellular phones, on our website you can find the most popular models at reasonable prices. On all the phones warranty.

Phone Repair

At the present time – to get a phone that's not a problem, but sometimes, when so needed to save, then the question arises – what to look for a mobile phone, if cheaper to upgrade the old? After all, order spare parts for mobile phones will not be difficult, but with the new kit can be easier to buy a mobile phone and battery, then he does like the new looks. All you can do yourself. If only you had the initiative, a pair of flat arms and ideally Soldering station. Without the latter often can and do. This seemingly simple tool – the best equipment servistsentrov. working principle is based on hot air soldering at Mestre. Heating and flow rates Air leaving the dryer is installed.

Temperature from 100 to 490 degrees Celsius. Flow to 32 l / min. The hot air melts the tin-lead solder, and repairs are precise tweezers. If you intend to buy spare parts for mobile, in Basically komplektuhu second-hand. Just check, whether it is in good condition and form, or if the price is very low, not stolen if it is mobile. Sometimes, when the unsuspecting buyer by the time taken away in a police station. For allegedly stealing or even murder! And people had to prove their innocence. Of course, always possible option with a trip to the service center and order aprgreyda there, in this case, you get rid of these difficulties, and eventually just get a new cell.

Although this double-edged sword. With the first hand you do not have to repair anything. And on the other – for the nasty things you can mess things up 'Professional' 'master'. Who knows where the rising limb of workers workshops. Alternatively, when instead of at half-staff after repair give generally not included, is very common. In one workshop argue that the machine is beyond repair. And in another shop said that the phone is buried in the past artisans. Whom to believe and the truth? A nobody. This situation is ordinary, to laughter and to tears. Prove nothing is impossible Make your conclusions.

Sony Ericsson C902v

Description and review of Sony Ericsson C902v online store SoMarkets.narod.ru Cyber-shot – great photo bail Feel mobile photographer, Sony Ericsson C902 with you and will always be a excellent tool for quick pictures in any situation. Qualitatively, just convenient – it's the basic tenets of cameraphones SE, and C902 is perfectly confirmed. 5-megapixel matrix with autofocus and LED flash can shoot as distant objects (Digital zoom), and in macro mode. You can put fully automatic mode or specify one of the preset themes (6 pieces). In addition, many parameters can be adjusted manually. Face detection, Fix Photo, BestPic To achieve the best quality pictures, SonyEricsson C902 is equipped with a whole constellation of technologies from the world of these digital cameras Sony. Ideal for portraits Face Detection, the phone automatically detects the frame a person's face and focuses on it.

Fix Photo Filter allows one-touch sharpen the image and align layers. BestPic shooting mode is particularly interesting when shooting sports events or children. When activated the camera takes several shots in a row (2 speeds to choose from), then you choose best shot, and that it is stored in memory. By the way, the device realizes the memory card Memory Stick Micro M2 in any capacity. The bonus is functional geoteggingom. Verified ergonomics you can not worry about contamination of the lens, as unless you use the camera, he always closed sliding cover and not even visible from the outside. But it is necessary to move the upper part of the phone up, how to run an application to capture and highlight the elegant device 8 touch keys around the screen. These buttons are made frequently used functions while shooting, it turns out that one touch you can customize practically any parameter, which is very convenient.

Quality materials and assess your screen fotoshedevry directly on the phone, because the 2-inch QVGA display offers excellent image. Bright, saturated colors, the image literally comes to life before our eyes. It has a reflective substrate, so that it performs well themselves in the sun, viewing angles – max. Generally, you will not remain indifferent to the assembly machine. He knocked so hard that it seems like it will withstand a fall from the 5th floor. This is achieved through reinforced metal frame abundance of metal in an external (eg, the entire back cover) and a thick high quality plastic. The thickness of the shell can surprise even the most experienced man – only 10 mm. But it's not just the camera and leave the Internet share data with EDGE, HSDPA or Bluetooth. Listen to FM-radio with RDS and or your music collection, since the phone plays the sound perfectly, and set mp3 player supports most audio formats. Moreover, Sony Ericsson C902 shows impressive endurance at 4 days, so it can not be afraid to defuse its active use. Quality: Before you purchase on request can send instructions. We only sell quality product class 'AA'. You can be confident in the quality of our products. On each product's warranty + assistance in equipment installation. We are authorized dealer of such companies as: MobileAction, GOOOD, X3, GPRScable, Mobidick, Transcend, Sony. The warranty on a cell phone Sony Ericsson C902 on each product's warranty. You can always consult our support team on connecting and configuring the purchased equipment. During the warranty you can freely download and update software, which sends our online store. Through our service center, you can set different software: programs, games, pictures, ringtones, themes for Sony Ericsson C902. Also in our service center has a collection of settings for different operators GPRS.

Steve Jobs

The company has produced thousands of computers that have found their place in the universities. According to legend, in 1979, Steve Jobs visited the Xerox Research Center in Palo Alto, and then many of the features of the Alto were embodied in "apple" computers, Lisa and Mac. Soon realized the mistake at Xerox and the company began to promote the graphics workstation, Xerox Star, which was based on technology developed for the Alto. But to say that it was too late – to say nothing. Next: Five more annoying bugs, including the history of Napster, CompuServe, and Craigslist.

6. The record industry is on nakatannomu Perhaps no other industry like the music, you can not count so many missed opportunities. In 1999, Shawn Fanning file sharing (Shawn Fanning) Napster opened the world of people is incredibly easy to share music in real time. Record companies immediately filed for Napster to court for complicity in copyright infringement. Then CEO Hank Barry of Napster (Hank Barry) asked representatives of the music industry with a proposal to distribute the music in its network on the basis of radio – and to pay performers' fees. This appeal was never heard.

Napster users quickly migrated to other P2P-networks (such as Gnutella and Grokster), and music "pirates" have become the main enemy of the RIAA. In 2000, the site MP3.com has launched a service allowing users to upload songs from the CD-personal collections and distribute them to any other user. Record companies have filed for service to the court for aiding in copyright infringement and won in the end.

Reliability CENSOR-Monitoring

Scientific Production Center "Computer Technology" – Russia's first developer of specialized systems for monitoring and protection of telecommunication networks – announces the release of a new professional software software (software) for agriculture, "TSENSOR," which is from January 2011 is installed on customers' facilities. The new software product CENSOR-Monitoring focused advanced IT-technology in recent years, many years of experience in operating the previous version of the software, customer feedback and ideas of developers. CENSOR-Monitoring profitable among its peers and the previous version because the combination of qualities that so long waited for AIC Members' TSENSOR ": – Simplicity installation: the user does not need special skills – Ease of setup: setup of the system does automatically (Plug & Play); – Easy to use: convenient tools for working and setting – Visibility: opportunities visualization, advanced interface – Speed: no delays, work in real time; – Capacity: minimum requirements for Computer Science – Scalability: The limitless possibilities of building systems – Reliability: the stability of even the network breakages, no "hang" – Availability: Software is available free of charge with the equipment. CENSOR-Monitoring built on the most advanced technologies: The interaction between the programs: Technology Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) – the construction of safe and reliable systems. Visualization: technology Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) – unique opportunities for software to convenience. Platform.

NET Framework – the creation of scalable distributed applications that are resistant to bugs and breakages of communication networks, new interface, flexibility and configurable as appropriate to the needs Users. The software enables promptly at the request of members to develop new forms of display data with any look and feel for any problems. CENSOR-Monitoring has been tested and is ready to work: the software is installed on servers and workplace communications companies throughout Russia. Operability tested in long-term tests on real systems. CENSOR-Monitoring supports both the old "iron" that produces more than 10 years ago, and new hardware solutions APK "TSENSOR." CENSOR-Monitoring – a software that will make your APK "TSENSOR" work for the full program! Details on