Mountaineer Hotel

After that, follow Alec in his office. After registering, you are carried along with the owner in the room – the museum ( 10) who died tragically Mountaineer. Pay attention to smoking cigarettes, a newspaper on the table, dirty shoes and strange ticking device, similar to the aquarium. Official site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Let us hear the pathetic monologue Alec, talk to him. Select from the floor pads, give them the owner (you’d think he never saw them!) And are automatically in your room ( 4).

Talk Kaiso with everything (for general familiarization with living in the hotel guests that come in handy). We approach the door, but it turns out that Kaisa (and perhaps that is not it) – foolish girl, and he went out, inadvertently locked you in room. Press the call button on the wall (remember the color) – to no avail. Take out your suitcase and a cigarette lighter, go to the bathroom. They pick a stock razor, a towel and a mirror. Go back to the room, exit to the balcony. Riddle of the mirror. Run through the balcony door to the next room.

Closed … approach the glassed-in window, look at him. See the guest sitting in a chair trying to reach out … It’s useless. Must somehow get his attention … use a mirror on the window. After a short mini-game (first send a sunbeam in a bottle on the floor, then follow the beam, holding the balance) Glebskii finally noticed. Meet the Simone physicist. Please note pinned to the wall leaves the records of some formulas, Simone’s hand. Press the call button in his room (although it is not necessary, but out of mischief can be), remember the color. Leaving Number Simone. In the corridor, marking the angry Kaisa, talking with her and head for the door numbers Glebskii (just opposite). Strange – the key in the lock, open room … Peter decides that it is necessary to put the car into the garage, it will study. Go down to the first floor of the hotel on the side of the stairs, see Alec Snevara, looking in the electric board, hanging on the wall. We speak to him, take his key to the garage. In search of the garage go to the kitchen to the Qays and learn that the call system personnel in the room does not work, therefore, long time before dinner is ready (if Kaisa offer a snack, do not give up the sandwich with caviar – you can then feed into a charming dog – Lelia). Here in the kitchen on the table, where is a basket of vegetables, take the matches (useful). We continue to look for a garage. On the way to wrap in a fireplace room, where an inspector will familiarity with the famous illusionist du Barnstokrom and his niece, Brune, which explain to us where the garage. Go further, to the search. Finding a garage, find that the lock on the door iced, and it just will not open. We’ll have to find a way to break the ice (a lighter and matches in this case help).

Backup Destination

NET Framework 2.0, which occupies more disk space on the HDD 280 – 610 MB. Norton Ghost LightsOut Restore requires 2GB of free space. Restore points and backup: enough space to save restore points and backups depends on the amount of information going back up. Program automatically determine the most appropriate place. Virtual Servers VMware GSX Server 3.1 a 3.2 VMware Server 1.0 VMware ESX Server 2.5 a 3.0 VMware Infrastructure 3 Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, then Ghost supports the system files FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, dynamic disks, Linux Ext3, etc. All requirements and other useful information can be found in Guide polzovatelya.Nachinaem … After starting the program you want to insert the registration number in the opened form.

If you want a program just to test, you can use the 30-day trial period. After Registration or consent to a trial period of the program is activated. The user interface is nice and simple. It consists of four main sections. Menu – located on the left of the window. With the Menu can easily move between the main functions of the program. Backup Status – displays the status of your computer.

If you do not have a backup of some of the divisions of a hard disk, immediately inform the user a big red cross. Backup Destination – in this part, which is located at the bottom left is a graph showing the free space on the drive on which the backups are stored. Task – Shown here are the most important features of the program (beginning backup, backup files show …). Backup, as well as the user interface is simple and clear. backups, you can create a simple guide and more Advanced users can do it with classic menu. You quickly get used to the program and learn how to manage it easily. For ordinary users Norton Ghost powerful weapon which they would save all the files in your computer. For experienced administrators program offers flexibility and complete control over the system and the computer. In the advanced settings, which are displayed as the last menu item, professionals will find everything you need for work. Here can control the backup settings on all drives, monitor the statistics, view the backup files and create new backups. Opportunities for the program very much and to describe their all fail. As I mentioned above, the program can not only back up everything, but by using Recover My Files, you can browse all the files are reserved and open. Works the same way as a conduit for Windows. There are also available search and sort by date modified, name or file size. Interesting funktsiiInkrementnoe backup – saves only those files that have changed since the last backup kopirovaniya.Symantec ThreatCon – warning system, which records the changes in computer security during the time when it is connected to the Internet. If the level of risk to smoke, the program will immediately start backing copying. Most of this opportunity to use computers not protected by antivirus software. Symantec Recovery Disk – SRD is used to load the operating system on your computer when the operating system itself does not run. Your last chance the computer again to revive. The CD has all the drivers needed for the smooth operation of the system. SRD should be created only if it is assumed that your system when you create a SRD for 100% functional. For test is designed Validation Test.

Continuous Monitoring Server

Monitoring servers today – one of the major components of the system administrator or IT manager. And the bigger the company, the more customers it serves, the more numerous staff, the monitoring more critical servers in your organization. Although it should be noted that more and more servers are used and the number of computers with the company less than five or ten. Server equipment is designed to operate 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Can not stop it, because it can disrupt the entire process, or result in data loss. But machines do not last forever, and they are failures. This implies the need for continuous monitoring of servers: the work of his services, applications, services, etc. What is monitored? First let's define the concept.

Monitoring – methods and system of observations on a particular object or process that provides an opportunity to observe their development and work, evaluate, quickly identify the effects of various external and internal factors. The monitoring results provide an opportunity to make adjustments to manage the object or process. What gives continuous monitoring of the servers? 1. System administrators will learn about the problem before it becomes available or as soon as it arises. In this case, the IT manager will not have to hear complaints from irate members of the inaccessibility required to operate the services can not contact the database, etc. Monitoring Server in this case reduces to a minimum reaction time sysadmin and system downtime, and therefore the company.

2. System administrator or head of IT department (if the company is large enough) can one look to assess the state of the IT structure as a whole or its individual parts in detail. 3. If your problem server monitoring helps to understand what caused the crash, and that – only its consequences. It also reduces the time resolve the problem to a minimum. In addition, the monitoring server can detect the current problems, and thus forestall or to prevent possible malfunction. Today the market of software you can find many solutions that make the process as automated server monitoring and less costly in financial point of view. The work program for monitoring network requires little or no interference of any kind of system administrator. Enough to configure certain checks, their frequency, methods of notification system administrator when certain failures or problems, or the program's response to specific monitoring results, such as: service restart, running external programs with parameters, etc. – And you can safely do other pressing matters. Server monitoring will be done 24 hours 7 days a week, the average person is, of course, will not be able to carry out. This means that the server and the system as a whole will be under constant and unremitting supervision and control. Server can be called a "brain" of the organization. They serve as a repository of critical information, ensure the "mental" work of the company, the relationship of different organs of the organization among themselves and unite them in a single organism. If the server stops functioning, the work of the organization can stand still. Server monitoring helps to avoid this problem, allowing to detect faults at an early stage and fix them in time, and can be prevented. A goal of the program for monitoring servers and networks in general – to make the process less expensive and more effective by a wide range of servers, and continuous inspections of its work.

Pros And Cons Of Linux

Linux – without exaggeration, one of the most controversial to date operating systems. Before you opt for this operating system, you must consider all the pros and cons and we now try to detail and consistently addressed. Let's start with the pluses: The first and best of all benefit – Linux is completely free and requires no additional fee for the entire period of work with it. Also, there is no need for any kind of registration. Second.

Almost all software Linux – software open source, which means a huge number of advantages, starting with the fact that it can be used free of charge and ending with his ability to change code on your own. Third. In Linux, security is much higher than, for example, in Windows. Here and say nothing, he is working after the first day of active use, will show a high level. Another important advantage is stable operation, which is completely superior to most existing operating systems. Sadly enough and disadvantages. Number of games for Linux for several tens of times smaller than on Windows, and the number of programs, high Quality you can count on your fingers.

And with other applications, this situation is not better. If the programs for a wide audience is and remove any problems, then something very specialized programs like 3D Studio Max for Linux, you can not be found. Although this is more a matter of time. Many Windows applications can run on Linux, using special tools. The final flaw in Linux, it is difficult to learn the operating system. Most operations that Windows is done for you in the operating system you are done manually. You've probably guessed, this is not the pros and cons of Linux. Only you can appreciate the beauty and wealth of the operating system.

LAN Installation

Since the introduction of the first Windows and to this day many users to manifest their discontent on various issues related to the OS. Particularly scathing puns got emitted by all 'Cell' 'Vista'. Of course, in every joke there is only a fraction of a joke, and all the rest – the truth. But the talk – no bags, roll and create their own stable and productive assembly of the operating system can not every 'nihilist'. being for or against this. WAIK Microsoft often nipped in the bud any attempt to change the default configuration of 'Windows xp'. Well, I do not like it when 'digging' in the guts of its products. As it turned out, a soft-giant could not resist the onslaught of curious users and with the advent of the sixth OSes released Automated Installation Kit WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit, 756.8 MB). The basis of 'small soft' design is a Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WindowsPE) – the operating system with minimal configuration.

Features They include help with setting 'windows', and start your computer without OS, editing, partition the hard drive and formatting. All kinds of software, reducing the operating systems on laptops (of which later) to work with the Windows Automated Installation of office, Bill Gates. In turn, WPE entirely relies on the possibility of a console utility ImageX, working with image files. Wim (windows image), and Windows Deployment Services (WDS) – Service centralized deployment, helping over a LAN to install on multiple computers. An important part of creating your own 'sash' is the application Windows System Image Manager (WSIM), responsible for the creation response file format.


Then there are the system recovery, and firewall, and other pleasant things. The security system has been refined, but a stable system call was not. Significantly changed the situation and not SP1. It was only with ServicePack 2 OS release was full. But, apparently due to the hurried development, Windows XP was carrying a huge number of vulnerabilities.

Among them were inherited from Windows 2000 (Error in NTVDM and others), and their own. Due to the wide dissemination and XP its "leaky" in the network began to appear a lot of malware that even wrote a 15-year-olds (note that the lion's share of these programs worked only with Windows XP because of it unique to the "holes"). Now there is a SP3 for this OS. Typically, Windows XP SP3 is also possible to see installed at different terminals. On the latest generation of Microsoft operating systems can be seen in Windows Vista. What catches the eye at first glance.

Personally, I was struck by the apparent redundancy in the GUI. Standard user interface of Windows XP is enough. At the same time quite demanding Vista system resources. It is desirable to have a processor with a frequency of 1-1.4 GHz and 512 MB RAM (and minimum). Yes system thoroughly reworked: new boot, an updated kernel, new security techniques. But whether all this? I like to boot the old Windows 2000/XP, options which you can edit only one change file (boot.ini). In Vista, there is a separate utility to edit the database loader (yes, the database). Upgrading the kernel is undoubtedly useful for the system as a whole (in the linux kernel is updated regularly), but Vista refused to perform some very Useful software written for earlier versions of Windows. Vista security too far from the mark – some operating system components have been tampered with or prior to its official release, or immediately afterwards. Windows 7 is a continuation of Vista, but carefully revised and optimized. In fact, Windows Vista in the market has failed. Members or refuse to pass on it with XP, or tolerate it because of the lack of drivers for their hardware for earlier versions of Windows (typical for notebooks). Before the official release of Windows 7 remains very little and hope that this time hopes were not in vain. In this article, were not considered many things, the implementation of file systems, network protocols, policies security, encryption tools, and more. All this is put into the framework of one article is impossible, but in detail these and other questions must be considered. All the facts set forth above is true and not someone else's fiction. All the products were compared on several criteria, however, cover all aspects we can not. Therefore, some advantages and disadvantages of Windows have been intentionally omitted. I must say that to draw objective conclusions quite difficult, and hence the result also reflects the personal opinions of the author in one way or another. Additions to the article you can find in a computer blog

Adobe Camera

In Photoshop CS3 in the application's icon and splash screen uses the letters of the name of the product Ps on blue gradient background. The list of innovations includes a new interface increased speed, the new Adobe Bridge, the new filters and tools, as well as application Device Central, which allows the preview of the templates in popular devices such as mobile phones. Last versions include Adobe Camera RAW – plugin developed by Thomas Knoll (Thomas Knoll), which allows you to read a number of different RAW-format digital cameras and import them directly into Photoshop. While Photoshop is practically monopolizes the professional market, high price led to the emergence of competing software products, which occupy the middle and lower price niche of the market, some of which, for example GIMP, absolutely free. To win this part of the market and to counter unusually high rates of illegal use of its professional products, Adobe introduced a program of the middle and lower class Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Album, the first of which is chargeable cut down version of Photoshop, and the second freely distributed and used for the organization and basic photo editing.

The product is aimed at the amateur market, as the limited functionality of Photoshop Elements makes unsuitable for preparing images for press. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom program is exclusively for the "developer" digital negatives, retouching photographs and simple organization of their catalog. It should be noted that the fight against illegal use of Adobe their application is becoming more manic form.

Adobe Photoshop

And all this even if you use the full computing power dual-core processor with two fiber process. With this format, the program works almost exclusively PowerArchiver. Its disadvantage is that can not compress in RAR and other formats. RK and UHA – unknown kings of high compression ratio is less practical and effective enough – that those are the two unknown algorithm. Both have their own specialized compression software and observed weak support for universal programs.

Both are likely solution for emergency situations when you need to enter in any data limit and at the same time not to share compressed file. ZipGenius – unmversalny packer If your looking for a program that deal with most formats and will be able to compress them, pay attention to the program ZipGenius. In addition to benefits such as support for file formats and is the most valuable – a program is distributed as freeware. A disadvantage is the lack of compression in RAR format and ACE. While reading ZipGenius can both. Which program is best? The answer to this question depends on the user's requests.

For those looking for a single format for all situations I can only recommend a solution to Zip, thanks to the support of operating systems. With Etive but knows how to work most of the programs and therefore may safely replace unsatisfying WinZip for example WinRARom, who also manage and high-quality format, RAR. Both of these options are no problems in transmission, as both clearly known. A user who is looking for support for a wide range of formats, will benefit more programs like WinACE, PowerArchiver or in fact quite universal and free software ZipGenius. Fans will be pleased to opensource a very practical format 7-Zip. To test this format will be sufficient to support at the above mentioned universal programs. Notes to the test to test the orientation of the individual compression algorithms used 350MB file size Adobe Photoshop (. Psd). Such a large file is erased the difference in compression time, which in the course of a continuing a few seconds for small files, can influence a slightly different test conditions. PSD also uses minimal compression and lossless compression on those files used algorithms more visible only.

Macromedia Fireworks Photoshop

The basic format of Photoshop, PSD, can be exported and imported all the software products listed above. Photoshop CS supports create menu for DVD. Together with Adobe Encore DVD, Photoshop lets you create menus or buttons DVD. Photoshop CS3 in Extended version also supports the work of the three-dimensional layers. Because of the popularity of Photoshop, its file format support, PSD, was implemented in its major competitors such as Macromedia Fireworks, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Pixel image editor, WinImages, GIMP, Jasc Paintshop Pro and Photoshop supports, etc. following color models or ways of describing the colors of the image (in the notation of the program itself – the image mode): RGBLABCMYKGrayscaleBitmapDuotoneIndexedMultichannel Supported image processing, as with conventional color depth (8 bits, 256 levels of brightness per channel) and with high (16-bit, 65,536 colors per channel).

You can save a file of additional elements, such as: guides (Guide), channels (eg, channel transparency – Alpha channel), ways of clipping (Clipping path), the layers containing the vector and text objects. The file may include color profiles (ICC), a conversion function color (transfer functions). Versions of Photoshop v.10.0, dated April 2007, has the name Photoshop CS3. The abbreviation CS3 means that the product is integrated into the third version of programs Adobe Creative Suite. In the previous products – Photoshop CS and CS 2, c to differences from previous versions and strengthen membership in the new line of products has changed the character of the program: instead of the image the eye, which was present in versions with a third on the 7th, in the stylistic decision to use an image of feathers. .

OS Winodows XP Media Center Edition

Sony vaio vgn AR11 is made in the same style as the aforementioned VAIO TX2. In general, the design of the new line, in our opinion, very, very successful – both rigorous and far from trivial. Against the background of an infinite set of silver notebook second-tier manufacturers of jet black looks really contrasting and immediately identifies the model “from the crowd.” True, it realizes more and more producers will soon have a progressive designers invent some new trends. But we are confident that the designers Sony has once again come out. And we will again see something very, very interesting.

However, do not be distracted by thoughts of the future, when in front of a wonderful present … There are also more prosaic version of the model, for example, Sony vaio vgn AR11MR, containing the following components: CPU Core Duo T2400 (1,83 GHz) 1024 MB DDR2-533 memory, a hard disk drive 160 GB, Optical Drive DVD RW with support double-layer burning, 17-inch screen 1440 x 900; video card NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 128 MB video memory. Other characteristics are identical – and a TV tuner and remote control kit plus OS Winodows XP Media Center Edition, and a set of interfaces (including wireless). Buyer This configuration costs $ 2600, that you will agree, for supernovae from Sony and not a lot. Overall, we liked the keyboard. True, a little confused by the layout – to block the cursor keys (“arrows”) are adjacent Shift and End.

Of course, it’s not too bad, but at such a scale could make the case and less “compressed” keyboard. To tell the truth, here it is fit and selected to NumPad. But it’s the little things that we are prepared with ease forgiven for simply superior mechanical properties. Pressed extremely soft and quiet, and most importantly – the keys have a very big move, almost like a desktop keyboard. In this play, and no unnecessary chatter, even at such traditional “problem” key as a space. Absolutely amazing keyboard. But the touch pad here, it seems, just to keep the laptop was more like a laptop. Seriously consider the touchpad as a device VAIO AR11 I do not – too small panel size in comparison with the screen, and buttons are remarkably successful, they miss the finger is much easier than to get into. Conclusions As we have not broken the head (there must be some criticism, right?), we could not find a laptop sony vaio vgn AR11 material for his class disadvantages. Is that the price can not be called affordable, but at such a high price level goes almost to the dignity, ensuring user exclusivity .