How To Paint Walls

The process of painting the walls in the house has several features which, even if you're familiar with the paint, it is better to remember. Before starting to paint the walls, you should be concerned about the field and furniture: they must be carefully closed from possible contact with these paints. Better to do it with plastic wrap, and, in extreme cases – the newspapers. Especially important is this step if you have an apartment in an expensive flooring such as parquet or laminate. Next, what to do – remove all the skirting boards, switches and sockets from the walls. Next, you need to prepare wall surface for painting.

A good result – perfectly clean and dry, level surface without plaster walls. Verify its easy: just hold a dark damp cloth on the wall. If it was rubbish – so need to wash the wall again. The porous surface of the wall is better to put the primer. The porosity of the surface is checked as follows: wall surface is wiped with a damp cloth, and the surface absorbs water – requires a primer.

Prior to this, to cover up all the filler in the wall cracks. Apply the primer should be plenty to spread to the entire wall surface. The tool is ideal for the job – a special roller. First, you need to paint with a brush protruding on the surface elements, as well as lubricate the corners. For the rest of the surface coating Use the roller, causing them to paint evenly. This can be achieved by conducting pre-roll on the board by removing the excess paint with it. The paint on the walls should be applied in several layers. The first layer is applied to upright, slightly thinned paint. Follow-up – no. Speaking candidly Ray Kurzweil told us the story. The second is applied across the wall, and the last – again along.

Installing Lighthouse

If mounted after every meter – a half rack wall divided into sections. And as conditions change through any given area, rail allow the plaster to move freely, contracting and expanding in the "bulge" in the pressure dependence of the plaster. In addition, the metal rails allow you to maintain the solidity of the walls after plastering, because they remain in the wall and do not require subsequent removal. Savings when working with plaster profiles ranging from 30 to 100% in one square meter. The basis of this economy is that the use of Lighthouse guides do not need to hire a specialized team of builders, trained in Germany or "plastered giving the president," but simply to invite qualified plasterer who can work with plaster profiles.

As a result, the walls will look better than "presidential", and payment for the work will be fairly modest. In addition, the use of beacons allows you to accurately plan the flow of solution to prevent theft, which is especially important when using expensive dry mixes. Tips for Installing Lighthouse guides. Plastered walls with metal rails lighthouse in the following sequence. After preparation (cleaning, priming), the entire work surface is divided into equal sections labeled 1-1.5 m wide, and according to the label with colored thread discourage vertical lines. Then fitted plaster guides to the height by cutting off excess with scissors for metal.

Then you need at the edges of the walls, vertical by level (water level), and set two guides. They are mounted in a solution that is applied to each profile in several places. The recommended distance between mounting points – about 0.5 m, just as these points must be at least five. The guides are pressed against the wall so that their lateral wings through the hole left in the solution which they are fixed. Above and below the lighthouse hammered a nail and pull cords (measured diagonally) on a par with projections profiles. All other rails must be mounted vertically so that their projections related to the strained cords. At the same time monitor the verticality of each beacon in the level. When all profiles will be secured, it is necessary to solidify the solution. After that, the nails together with cords removed. Now you can start plastering the walls. On the wall between sending a cover layer of plaster, and then leveled the rule of appropriate size. In the future, if necessary, or overwritten by a wall causing her decorative cover. As you can see, it's pretty simple. And finally plastered walls look great. For all that, for example, for a small room area of 12 square meters require only a dozen plaster profiles

Glued Tile

Decorating the walls with ceramic tiles – a process crucial and complex. Tile is placed on the long term, it can not be changed such as wallpaper. The tiles can be laid on any surface as long as it was smooth and firm. It may be masonry, stucco cement mortar, or plaster walls, necessarily rigidly attached to the metal profile (wood slats can warp in the operation, which entail the separation bars). If the walls you had painted or decorated with panels, you will need to remove the upper layer of gloss with sandpaper. The surface must be primed with tile. Begin to work with laying tile on the floors, and then on the wall, and from the lower ranks. It is important to properly mark the first row, which is used for horizontal level and plumb to the vertical. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

The first row in the horizontal must be the same for all walls in order to further the ranks of lay and accurately. That the seams between the tiles were flat, special crosses out of plastic. The thicker the cross, the greater the seam. After the seams are sealed tile ad grout, which can pick up on color. Tile is glued to the surface with special glue. This may be ready to use glue in the form of pastes (paste). Another type of glue – a dry mixture which is diluted with water.

In dry blend contains besides cement and sand – the main components – various chemical additives. Which supplements are part depends on the purpose for which it is this kind of glue. If the tiles will be glued to the pool, bathroom or other room with high humidity, so the glue must be water-resistant. For the exterior needed to choose the glue frost. Tile adhesive to become popular warm floors or finishing Fireplaces should be heat resistant. To trim vertical surfaces need a quick-glue, and finishing the floor – with improved ductility. Tile adhesive dries usually about day, but to fully avoid possible damage to the tiles pasted surface, it is better to leave it for about three days. Then rub clean seams, wash, scrape away the glue (by the way, it is better to remove the glue from the tiles at once, until it dried up). At removing glue and cleaning, use special chemicals to tiles that are on the one hand to quickly and effectively remove adhesive residue and grout material, and the other – will be safe for the tile, not cause her injury, turbidity or color distortion. And after all this you'll be happy to enjoy the beautifully decorated room.

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels – one of the most common in our time of construction materials. They are used for the erection of temporary structures such as huts, warehouses, and construction of large buildings, designed for long period of operation: offices, shopping and entertainment centers, service stations, etc. During the construction of prefabricated buildings sandwich panels are attached to the metal frame and thus combine structural stiffness, heat and sound insulation and decorative properties. Three-layer sandwich panels consist of two sheets of cold rolled galvanized steel and a layer of insulation material – mineral wool or polystyrene foam. For the protection of natural influences and to give products an attractive appearance stain-resistant outer layer of polymer paint. Sandwich panels have a number of advantages over other building materials. One of the main advantages of sandwich wall and roof panels is the presence of coating applied at the factory. It helps protect products from external influences and thereby increase their longevity.

In addition, the finished coating reduces the time of commissioning of the building or structure, because the time for finishing and painting exterior and interior surfaces are no longer required. The color scheme of protective and decorative coating of sandwich panels is rich and varied. Producers of sandwich panels offer a product not only of basic colors, but about 2000 shades of directory RAL. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Grupo Vidanta. Company RAL is a division of the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification, is standardizing colors for industry and design. Formed in 1927, the color layout RAL 840-HR improves with each passing year, and now the system has become a common choice of colors in many industries. Thus, designers and architects to realize their projects, getting products from manufacturers is the colors and shades that they were conceived. RAL scale gives the opportunity to choose coverage for every taste and in accordance with any customer's needs.

Surface Preparation Application

Surface Preparation Application impregnation (soil) before re coating feasible and justified. Our Practice shows that, among other things, it helps reduce ink consumption and, importantly, promotes the proper formation of protective and decorative painting surface. Apply primers and impregnating be delicately. Excessive consumption leads to the formation of a film on the surface, which leads to the opposite, negative effect, namely, the problems with the application of paint itself.

3. The choice of colors common error or a deliberate choice purchaser (the manufacturer of work) is his decision to save money on finishing work on a “low price – low consumption – at least approaches the wall.” First question. Price paint – lifetime coverage. Facade Paint coatings are destroyed at a certain speed, which depends on (in order of importance) the climatic conditions, prescription of paint, the thickness of the protective layer. Low cost of facade paints – is its low raw material costs, which, in turn, by 70-85% determined by the content in it, quality and cost of key components: the dispersion of acrylic and titanium dioxide. Low cost – it’s short term operation coverage, despite the fact that often it is difficult to determine visually.

Our experience shows that the optimized ratio “price – quality” facade are in price range from 45 to 65 rubles / kg, including VAT, packaging, given the tinting or without, depending on the pricing policy of the manufacturer. Such paints for this price offer lifetime protective coating of 8 years or more. Second question. Price paint – paint consumption – unit cost of the consumer. Higher quality paints have a higher covering power, lower consumption and, as a consequence, unit costs for the consumer material, expressed in rubles unit surface area is comparable with the option of using “cheap” paint. Why save for one kilogram of product before using it if there is no significant savings in one quarter.

Renovations In Moscow

Fast finishing facilities in Moscow at affordable prices cheap Overhaul Moscow firmly and trim shops in Moscow and the Moscow region zao – ready to fulfill the majority of construction firms, as well as team and private specialists. Customers generally assume that all the masters perform major repairs and about the same difference between specialists only in the timing and price. But in fact far from it. Overhaul restaurant in terms of properly signed by the contractor and the firm can do is not any team finishers. Losing money, nerves and time can be much less, if at the beginning of the work contact dzhrugimi customer company to furnish apartments. Mitchel Resnick spoke with conviction. We are different from those of construction companies, decorators and artists that we can do and we do quality repairs cafe lubogo level of complexity.

In overhaul premises, as opposed to cosmetic finishing commercial premises include: redevelopment of apartment #, # removal of flooring, demolition or installation not supporting brick walls, new plumbing layout # and electrical wiring, # installation of ceilings, paneling, and much more. Repair in Moscow budget and safely – can be executed, if designed and approved by a professional designer customer the technical documentation on execution of works on finishing restaurants. Apartment Decorating get cheap, if the wizard will check all of the builders of this kit approved documents, as is often the most expensive repair on a pocket hit repair work. Low-cost and high quality finish is made from restaurant 3-constant components: the right technology, performance finishes, good materials and, finally, a very important moment, people who can implement it in life. Now more … After a European-quality repair shop, we have developed a set of technical documentation for the work will be given to you. Finishing restaurants turnkey we do as the old housing stock in Moscow (Khrushev brezhnevka, stalinka) and repairs of bathrooms in new homes.

Finishing facilities under a key in the new houses – the price per m2 may even be cheaper (because costs are lower) than in the old uninhabited house because of lack of dismantling of old ceilings, linings, etc. But the quality of finishing facilities in Moscow and repair in the new house, not very different. Prices for all types of works on repair and construction, you can view the rates in the section on work. There is also an example of a contractual estimate. Please note that unlike other firms – we are writing to an upper threshold price for the work. And finally, we want to draw your attention that a reliable repair does not mean high cost work performed, as it requires no capital dodelok work. For more information about us can be found on our Internet project:.

Facades Of Wood

Installation of facades made of wood: environmental friendliness, beauty and thermal insulation of your home from BelBild +79260080349. Decorative finishing of log cabins, houses, baths made of logs on the technology BelBild +79260080349 – Honors for this thing, for people who can appreciate in full force at every moment of his life, his class, exclusive, and each of its fun! Indeed, in the first place, the decorative facing of facades – it beauty and the desire to live in harmony and warmth – even if the visual and, of course, the comfort of your home. And if you’re willing to spend on environmental, health and beauty of your log home front, the baths of logs time and money – we can offer you a unique opportunity to stand out. BelBild brick facades offers log cabins with natural materials such as chopped sawn shingles – shingles, or other types of coatings. When installing a wooden facade our installers use the methods of laying shingles on the roof like, however, is laying shingles is held vertically, so apply a more robust mounting methods coverage. This laborious process of assembling the facades are more than covered by the result of the assembly – covering environmental performance, unique style, the effect of wall hangings wooden nameplates, and it is precisely because it turns due to lack of strict geometrical lines in wood flakes, which makes the front soft, attractive, well, the heat radiated by the tree itself, leads us to believe in the security and comfort of the environment. On the cost of using natural wood coatings – shingles, shingle for decorating facades, of course, not the cheapest option, but we note that when the impregnation technology and styling service life of such eco-friendly facade indoors up to 50 years, and when installing shingles – shingle outside the room – up to 30 years – in this case the cost of facades completely paid off. Now BelBild also uses special additives to impregnate the wood, which allow shingles to be resistant to fire, but it is also possible to use adhesives for decorating the shingle – for example, to add color by using additives Osmo. What’s more the nature and charm facing chopped, sawn shingles – a unique style and the uniqueness of each flake as a natural material, the uniqueness of the installation of facades – the installer, using different methods installation can not create exactly the same line of styling and the form of flakes, as to what your home is absolutely unique..

Landscape Design Site

Landscape design – fun. This is a holiday. it works, is a joy. But I would argue – is hard work. Let's not slishkos serious, we will not hold on his site botanical gardens and arboreta, we will not pay attention to their neighbors. After all, you can arrange your garden so that you can relax, and when to work, it was only in fun. But this is not so difficult.

Lawn, a beautiful small mixborders near the entrance to the house and several trees planted by the group to arrange a place for recreation. That's just a shady corner and talk. Maybe you got a site with old trees can be planted your trees have grown, but maybe you want to arrange a shady garden at the side of the house, where almost always a shadow. Where to start? First, determine how dense shade, and how dry the soil. This is most critical for the plant. In almost any situation you can plant bulbs Spring perennials: daffodils, crocus, bluebell, muscari. They bloom when the leaves on the trees is not yet dissolved.

In the penumbra, where the swaying leaves of trees and sunbeams reaches the ground, you can plant many shade-tolerant plants. But let's look at the earth's surface. If the tree is large, probably exhausted the soil and overdried root system. So plant a ground cover plants, they are unpretentious and well proliferate, forming a carpet .. If you really want to plant flowers, you can use the following trick: make between the roots in the ground big enough groove to fit it in a large flower pot. Put flowers in it. Now the roots of the tree will not be in conflict with the flower. Select 2-3 kinds of plants and plant them, grouped in several instances. The soil between the plants zamulchiruyte bark, leaving small space around each bush. Very nice it will look great stone bench. Here you have a place for recreation that does not require special care. Just do not forget to water and to pour a good time to time nutritious soil for plants. And if you install an automatic watering, then you have to hide from the neighbors, all the work while you are resting. Disgraceful! What to plant? Select plants for shade here.

Land Designer

The program has a built-in encyclopedia to care for plants, as illustrated more than 15 thousand descriptions and photos. The program was created by domestic developers, so entirely in Russian and adapted to our conditions. Price superimposed delivery program – 3700 rubles. Get to know other capabilities of the program, "Our Garden" on the site of the developers. Sierra Land Designer 3D 7.0 software Sierra Land Designer 3D 7.0 provides several unique capabilities for planning gardens. The program has many built-in objects.

C using objects can be placed on the site plan. Three-dimensional mode allows you to later view the results. Sierra Land Designer, like the program "Our Garden," has built an encyclopedia of plants, which You can filter depending on the location of the site in a particular climate zone or other characteristics. Certain options allow you to view the resulting plan the garden in different seasons and different times days. The program is intuitive and easy to use interface. The program can easily be localized later.

In Russia and the CIS program is legal does not apply. With electronic payments you can buy it online or have to settle for pirated copies. PUNCH! Landscape planner PUNCH! simple and intuitive to use. A good impression can view images in three-dimensional mode. Allows operate on many objects that can be added to the site plan. The negative points include the inability to create your own objects and the lack of ability to export results in a 3D-formats. In Russia the program PUNCH! does not apply. Realtime Landscaping Architect Among the advantages of the program is a wide range of embedded objects, and the ability to manipulate them by moving and setting created by the site plan. Among available objects more than 4,000 species of plants, buildings, water bodies (ponds, waterfalls and decorative), and more. There is an opportunity to create their own structure. The program interface is extremely simple, convenient and can easily be mastered by the user. It is possible to switch between two-and three-dimensional mode. You can view video presentations created on the basis of garden design project. In Russia the program does not deliver. Program can be purchased at foreign sites or content downloading pirated versions. Google SketchUp Despite the fact that the program Google SketchUp is not designed specifically to work on landscape design, but, nevertheless, built-in features to create a project in her suburban area abound. Indisputable advantage of Google SketchUp is the ability to legally free access, a small amount of application opportunities to add various objects that were already created by someone and are available for download from the virtual warehouse designed specifically for this purpose. To calculate the potential for shaded areas, can simulate the appearance of shadows from the buildings at different times of day and year, setting the position of the sun at a certain latitude. Use the program quite easy and convenient. The program is available for Google SketchUp download on the official site.

Apartment Renovation

In addition to traditional insulation of the walls has been actively used reflective materials. However, they can be used for floor heating systems and insulation for floors, roofs, etc. The most famous reflective materials – and alyubabl polifol, which have a high resistance for heat transfer. These materials are made of polyethylene foam with a coating of polished aluminum. Alyubabl polifol and reliably retain heat in the apartments, especially effective and can be applied on the first floors of houses.

Well established, these materials in new buildings, where construction quality is not always the regulations. Unlike conventional insulation, which gets wet with warm-cooled rooms and lose their properties at night, and alyubabl polifol practically do not absorb the condensate. So you can easily and quickly warm any room. These simple and inexpensive materials easily mounted on walls, insulate against noise, provide more than 50 years and, among other things, eco-friendly. Even if you have already completed repairs, stick polfon for central heating radiators. Thus, the heat from the batteries will be directed not toward the outer wall and inside the apartment. Returns on radiators will increase by approximately 20%. Using reflective insulation, you can significantly save on heating, and Supplies for warmth apartment.