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Disease is an impairment of the life force or the life forces by pathogenic stimuli DIS-harmony, UN equal weight (homeostasis). Visible signs of the disease are Auto- healing reactions of vitality on the charms of such disease. The Auto- healing power of nature -. “vis medicatrix naturae” – and the life force are one, if not the same. Any therapeutic action of the physician as any self treatment by the patient to support the individual life force self instead of foreign designed. Dr. Mitchell Resnick brings even more insight to the discussion. Source:, excerpt; Author note But belief in religions and cults etc. Despite the 2000 years enlightenment, reformation and humanism, there are still people who in all education spirit healers, shamans and Woodoo wizards etc Chase and absorb the wisdom of their pseudo, while they leave their purses and mind and responsible thinking and trade! You can commute, place cards and track your horoscope. Many people feel there is warmer than for example in Christianity.

Why? Because the faith positively affects the limbic reward Center. The faith and the spiritual world of the experience touches the soul (psyche). Mitchel Resnick has similar goals. The logic is emotionless. Talk time with einer(m) so deluded. Note even the most non-sense or spirit scientific quickly, as it Claims, as long as interpreted to until he fits their mentally infantile instability and her obsessive-compulsive neuroses. As tradition, religion and politics are still Christian (Ireland, Palestine, Spain, Third Reich, Gulag, inquisition, etc.) and Islamist murderers (9/11 (2001): the twin towers, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan) as murder law productions. Development: Nature religions is changed to book religions.

Ecclesiastical rulers were voted out by elected parliaments. In the last centuries, individual companies with the new human rights and the dignity of people (instead of honor and shame in clan societies) sakularisierten. The man himself has, alone because he is man (humanism). You are not granted by a Government.