Solar Rays

A factor that can to increase the discomfort is that the direct incidence of the solar rays in the workers, although to use long sleeve uniforms, mainly generates a bigger heating of the organism increasing sudorese in the places of contact of the auricular protector with the face of the employee. Analyzing now under the point of view of the legislation, NBR 10152 establishes a maximum limit of 65 dB () for comfort of internal enclosures of constructions (Table 4.1), the NR-17 establishes value of 65 the same dB () for activities that demand intellectual activity and NBR 10151 establishes 70 a maximum limit of dB () for comfort of communities of industrial areas (Table 4.2). A related site: Petra Diamonds mentions similar findings. In view of that the values determined in field had been around 107 dB (), can be evidenced that for the comfort question, the noise emitted for these activities is very above of the standards demanded in law, exactly that the activity is not for ends of concentration or rest. Finally, analyzing the question of the PAIR, as the NR-15 establishes for unhealthy operations value of 85 dB () for a hours of working of 08 (eight) hours, the noise of both the activities revealed inside of the standards of the legislation, as it was verified by the measurements the analyses but, exactly thus, if it cannot disdain the conclusions of Riffel (2001), Grandson (2007) Days et al. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Professor of Internet Governance by clicking through. (2006) in relation to its research on the auditory protectors, the lack of real effectiveness in the attenuation of the noise and the problems caused for the auditory loss. This study I bother it analyzed suffered it for employees from the responsible company for the construction and installation from the gas-line that binds the UTGC (Unit of Treatment Cacimbas Gas) of the city of Linhares to the TABR (Terminal Aquavirio Bar of the Stream) in Aracruz, YOU ARE, in relation to the noise level that the same ones are displayed..

Wagner Litzinger Engine

' ' High protection pedal: To disactivate operation if transform-key, ' ' Programmable with the RS-232. Atualizvel software. WindowsGUI supplied software gratuitously. Optional characteristics ' ' PWMable Estornar has alarmed. ' ' Brake Key for regeneration. ' ' Brake of analogical entrance for the continuous 0 variable regeneration. Specifications ' ' Frequency clock: 16.6kHz. ' ' Current Standby: less than 3 me.

' ' chain supply, PWR, 150me. ' ' Standard Entered Throttle: 0-5K, 5-0K ohms, 0-5 Volts, 5-0 Volts. ' ' Brake and Analogical Entered Throttle: 0-5 Volts. ' ' Reverse has alarmed: controller One is about umequipamento that he will need to be installed in the compartment of on engine and to cabodo pedal of the accelerator. General information Other elements necessary to complete the conversion of the electric vehicle: Ten batteries acid lead of 100 the 12 VCabos for ligaoConectores of bateriInstrumentos of measurement contactorCarregador voltmeter and ampermetroChave of bateriasParafusos and nuts Key on/off important Comment: the batteries are on in series, and must be montadapor a person specialized in electric, the incorrect linking can ocasionardanos to the equipment as well as accident risk, the electric instrumentation doveiculo must be fed by a battery the part of on one to the engine, ainstalao of the batteries must well be distributed similar of if getting umequilbrio between axles. It can be acquired the engine, controller and potentiometer nosEUA for + – U$ 1,900, increased of 60% of taxes of importation on valordos produtos+frete, unhappyly we do not have manufacturers of these components noBrasil, the too much item can be acquired in the domestic market, conversoaparentemente can be with a high value, to put the environment are thankful. Joo Wagner Litzinger


The accused greaters it deforestation are the agriculturists. This is the reinante speech in the urban world. In the truth our ancestor had deforested pra in such a way agriculture how much for the construction of the cities. Or you find that our gorgeous Copacabana or the internationally famous Ipanema was not a great forest when caravelas first had arrived here? This conscience is very recent: not to be able to construct in declivity above of 45 degrees, nor at least of 30 meters of the edges of the rivers, nor in the quota of 1800 meters above sea level etc. That is, with the proposal of the new forest code, we would have that to also finish with the vincolas all it Rio Grande Do Sul, with the cafeicultura south it of Mines, it Espirito Santo, without speaking in the just elect seventh wonder of the world, in the high one of the Corcovado that will have that being demolida, because we cannot occupy the top of the mounts Therefore in the new law it has the part where if it calls ' ' fact consumado' ' , that tipifica cases as of the Sumar, that already was used, of the proper Christ who already occupies the high one of a mount that was deforested so that the statue was implanted, vinculas that already they exist there has 200 years more than, the coffee plantations has 300 more than, then, it has that to become a great national agreement, they do not find? It is what he is being considered. If already it has a deforested area, with any of these occupations that I mentioned, has that to preserve others, as measured compensatory, but not to declare the Christ as an outlaw! This Law deals with a real world, and this world has problems. Normally when it arrives a journalist and it looks at a catastrophe and it appears an authority, it attributes it guilt. .


We come back to the primrdios of our first organization as society in the search to identify to the origin of the referring problems the social inaqualities and informal work in the recycling. The cities had appeared as an alternative of social organization, where it took off the man wild of the forest it transformed and it into a civilized being. Until then something very promising if it was not the planning lack. The cities ' ' organizadas' ' they had given origin to the social classrooms, dividing the society between rich and poor. The capitalism appears as the advent of a new age, the age of the profit through the hand of cheap workmanship and of the consumerism.

This consumerism, together with the new technologies and the age of the dismissable ones, brought a great problem for the planet Land, the uncontrolled accumulation of residues. With as much poverty and social inaquality an alternative was to use the discarded one as survival form. To try to understand, to reflect and to analyze the trajectory of our civilization and its problems is basic for a possible search for urgent and more concrete solutions. Thus it follows the work, as already it had before salient, searching the agreement of the referring current moment the social inaqualities and the informal work. 2 THE PROCESS CIVILIZATRIO Since much time the humanity needed to dominate the nature to survive. To understand a little the complex current situation of the planet Land, mainly referring to the garbage production and its consequences in the society if makes necessary to retake some events important that they had occurred in elapsing of the time and history. It has 10 a thousand years behind, with the development of the pasturing and of agriculture, the human beings had substituted the nomadismo for the sedentarizao, giving origin to the first urban centers.