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In order to promote more expensive drugs or products that require presentation – perfumes, cosmetics – is the need for a more interesting optical and printing properties. ion. This may be a white cardboard boxed production of M-Real Galerie Vision (Galerie Vision), with two-layer coating the front side and bleached trafficking. This board can be sealed on both sides, perfectly keeps the paint color. The plump, which makes it possible to use smaller density without loss of quality. The more expensive the product, the more money a manufacturer can spend on improving the packaging – its cost is dissolved in the cost of the goods. Product price increase, but the products will be look much more attractive if its packaging to take a decorative cardboard. Alexander Brown Company offers several collections of European manufacturers of smooth and textured cardboard, white and tinted to mass, metallic, and others. For example, the high demand for the production of luxury packaging for small products – lipstick, and m n are cardboard production designer AUGUST KOEHLER, such as Superwhite Ivory Board or Ultrawhite Ivory Board particularly white color, matte, "satin" or with different types of embossing, cardboard Buff Ivory Board noble shade "Ivory, Marble Cover – cardboard with the texture of marble, white and colored.

The company is also Alexander Brown cardboard production ARJO WIGGINS Conqueror CX 22 – very smooth, and various shades of white, Conqueror Laid Paper – colored cardboard noble stamping "Verger", stained in bulk, Conqueror 100% Cotton – paper and cardboard, which are composed of 100% cotton, Conqueror Concept – Paper and paperboard pearl effect with different shades, cardboard collection Curious Metallics Metal – metallized paper and cardboard, tinted in the mass, Curious Metallics Iridesent – metallized paper and cardboard, pearl effect in different shades. Development of the 'elite' goods identified development of the 'Elite' package. Typically, the circulation of such "luxury" products is small, ranging from 100 to 1,000, but each year the products that use an exclusive, elite package, it becomes more and more. In many cases this manual work (eg, production of boxes for the elite, gift cultivars brandy). From the design of paper packaging made of gift sets of tea and coffee, confectionery, tubes for bottles, containers for champagne, boxes of perfume and jewelry. Dainel CB – color gasket board with flocked surface (velvet), which is based on the color of stained cardboard flocked surface. Contents: Cardboard color 400 gr., glue, PVC plastisol (PVC solution) and viscose. Value of materials: cardboard base – 60% PVC coating – 30% viscose flock – 10%.

SKS Server

"Telephone cross" cross phone – it's switching node connecting the telephone exchange and a linear cabling inside the building. Use it to test the phone lines and linear overcommutation, disconnect and connect subscribers to phone-tapping, etc. The structure of cross-country phone includes the following equipment: Skirtings Plinth – connects the station and the linear portion of the telephone wiring. In Depending on the number of pairs of jumper Skirtings are divided into several range;. – 2×8, 2×10, 2h8h3. Cross-boxes Cross-boxes or junction boxes are used to set the plinth with embedded inside Mounting clamps are closed and plastic construction.

Capacity cross-boxes can range from 30 to 200 pairs. Electrical cabinets SHRN Cabinets – SHRN (switchgear cabinet wall) – is functional analogue of the cross-box more power, made of metal. Its capacity ranges from 200 to 1,200 pairs. Amphenol Amphenol – Amfenolny cable used to connect PBXs and telephone cross. He characterized by the presence of two types of connectors: male (father) and female (mother). "Components of SCS" We offer our customers all the necessary components for building structured cabling systems (SCS). Below you can see brief descriptions of equipment and accessories for the SKS.

Cables UTP Cable UTP – unshielded cable is by means of which are laid horizontally or trunk lines. This cable is unshielded twisted pair, consisting of multiple twisted pairs. UTP cables are divided into those that are used for internal and for external installation. Also separately allocated stranded patch cables patch panel using patch panels by switching of active network equipment from the workplace. At the front of the patch panel ports are RJ45, on the back – jumper field 110 or KRONE. Patch Cords With patch cords connect the ports of network equipment. Patch cords patch cords are provided by several types (RJ45, RJ11, RJ12). Cross appointment panels 110 cross 110 – transit switching of multi-trunk cable .. Rosette Rosette – an integral part telephone and computer networks. Accordingly, the distinguished different types of outlets: phone, computer, power (electric). Connectors used for cable Splicing. We offer connectors RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, Telco Champ. Cabinets 19 inches, server cabinets, server racks 19 ', floor cabinets, wall cabinets We have a full range of 19-inch cabinets and racks. Floor cabinets, wall cabinets, open uprights, racks. MAXYS.shkafy 19 '- The best quality from the manufacturer. Enclosure cabinet 19 inches Monatzhny 19 '- this is the telecommunications closet, which is installed in the hardware and server rooms to install the 19-inch equipment. Cabinets 19 'are an enclosed structure with opening doors and walls. There are several types of cabinets – floor cabinets, wall cabinets, server cabinets. Open Rack 19 inch Unlike cabinets, racks 19 are an open design to install the 19-inch equipment. As a rule, the use of rack due to limited access to the server room. Server cabinet server rack – this floor cabinet monatzhny 19 inches having a depth of 1000 mm. Racks have a high level of static load and, thus, to server cabinets imposed more stringent requirements, in contrast to the usual outdoor enclosures.

Ltd Heating

Thus, the savings amounted to 45%. And as it turned out, it does not limit. "The figures provided by our partners in the installation and maintenance of sites of regulation in Zarechnoe were surprising even to us, – says Igor Spiridonov, Head of the Ural branch Ltd. Danfoss, a leading global manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating systems and heating buildings. – It turns out that in the offseason, when the outdoor air temperature hovering around 0 C, heat savings can reach 70%! "As they say, the comments here are unnecessary. To realize the project of modernization of house heating systems has helped overhaul the federal program that came to town in 2009. First, new equipment was installed in 11 homes, and in the middle of the year – back in the 49-TUE.

In total, there were installed 64 automated control unit. In 2010, another 80 will be installed: in particular, is scheduled for May renovations to heating systems twenty buildings. If these plans to be fulfilled by the end of the year half of the residents Zarechny able to experience all the benefits of energy conservation. Achieve such quick results, according to the mayor, the administration largely helped information technology. "Back in 2005-2006, the city opened a large inventory of housing stock. All information on status of 250 apartment buildings we Paper moved to computers.

And then update it regularly: if carried out some repairs or, conversely, to identify something that requires repair ", – says Andrey Kislitsyn. By automating management community services processing requests owners to participate in the federal program in less than a week. That is why in Zarechnoe quickly gathered all the necessary documentation and for the year with little time to lodge four applications for funding overhaul. So actually implement energy saving measures in the Russian housing had already started long ago. The main thing now – to consolidate the experience of leading regions and municipalities and in the shortest time to broadcast his every Russian city. "Spur" the process and called the law "On Energy Saving". The only question is how quickly we can move from talk to action. At least – we need take your money


Working conditions, such conditions of packaging production, replacing the old image of the smoky "foundry." In this way, get the casting of iron and steel of all kinds, bronze, brass and aluminum foundry all brands. In the box on the "Christmas tree or a bush" may immediately pour tens of castings, as in the jewelry industry, with almost exquisite accuracy. Up to 90% of castings can be used without subsequent machining. The technology is very economical in comparison with the traditional. At 1 m Casting consume 50 kg of quartz sand, 25 kg antiburning coatings, 6 kg of polystyrene and 10 square meters. m polyethylene film. Low cost of model-forming materials can save at least $ 100 per 1 ton of casting, location Casting the entire volume of container produces 70-80% of suitable casting, the savings of the charge of the metal is 250-300 kg, power – 100-150 kWh, weight of castings is reduced by 10-20% compared to traditional flask molding. Big savings obtained by molding of complex castings from wear-resistant steel (truck parts and caterpillars bronefuterovok, body parts) as sharply reduced the cost of machining.

Pour without restrictions on the design and configuration wheels, stars, heads and engine blocks, pipes of petrol and diesel engines, crankshafts, etc. Capital expenditures for the organization and startup of production are reduced to 2-2.5. The experience of running sites capacity up to 50-150 tonnes / month showed that the payback period of no more than 1.5 years. You can place these areas at the smithy, thermal and repair shops.


In the Russian market appeared intelligent printer BRADY IP and updated software BradySoft 8. This system allows users to print timely process labeling with minimal installation time, easy material feed and intuitive software for creating labels. New BRADY IP differs from its predecessors in that combines an ergonomic design and comfort use with high functionality and quality of printing. Made of lightweight materials (the printer weight of 6 kg), the printer has a unique design and special design of the automatic loading of labels Flip-click, preventing the misuse of materials. BRADY IP printer has an intuitive design of the dashboard, which is as easy to use printer. The touch screen displays information regarding the material and its residue in the printer, using the keys, it is easy to configure the printer and make corrections to his work. How it works: Insert, close and print. Technology Smart Cell, used in construction of a new printer, allows the system to communicate with the software, materials and ribbons.

In addition to the functions of checking and monitoring the printer status via a PC, BRADY IP able to independently determine the parameters of the material, display them on display and report on availability, which reduces considerably the time and cost of setting up printing. BRADY IP does not need preliminary calibration of the material. Thermal transfer printing method eliminates smearing, abrasion, since the printer automatically adjusts the temperature depending on the inserted material. At the printer possible to use materials from the general line as well as specially developed for a series of IP. In addition to standard serial cable, BRADY IP port is equipped with USB and Ethernet, which allows more flexible use printer. BRADY IP printer can use several types of software for creating labels, one of which is BradySoft 8. This software has enhanced functionality and includes special options that allow its use in many industries. To use BradySoft 8 does not require special training. Operator to become an expert in no time, even without training. BRADY IP printer and software used in BradySoft 8 manufacturing, electrical, automotive, instrumentation and other industries. Print performance comparable to the parameters of industrial printers, designed for larger volumes.