Mounting Hardware

The opening was a success, it could not be of people who could come, Marta well did very, Patricia stayed quite a bit nervous! This am I that wrote this! , and when left all the mounting hardware are made to cry why would it? Well you it can imagine everyone because it was, they are all an extraordinary team and hard to separate from them. Having opened a store like this has given so much to talk about people, all that goes ahead of the store can not resist to pass and although in Cercedilla is buy some candy. Children are like crazy by all that have brought us to our shop the slope parents a triumph out of here, lots of varieties of goodies that we have than when they don’t know to catch. We had a weekend very movidito not Macaw to people and to tell us what, than most beautiful store that this is going to come in very handy for birthdays and when having to make a gift, this opportunity of having opened a franchise with you in a village as small as this, this store going to benefit this people and we believe that we will have much success because a store is so cool as you’ve put it never was here. We have just started with this new experience but it we still much ahead and with effort and desire will draw it ahead of course counting with the help of you all that is indispensable for us at the moment, that we give if each time that we have a problem, we will remove this new franchise all along. Many thanks to you all for having this dream reality.