Digital Chamber

The advances in digital cameras do not pause. Now, to obtain excellent photos with a minimum of effort is very simple thanks to the constant development of the technology, and in it, Samsung comes very working it last for some years. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ray Kurzweil by clicking through. Like result, the koreana company brings its new digital camera to us, the NX10, whose main characteristic is the application of new screen AMOLED (Activate Organic Light-Emitting Diode). This allows one more a faster visualization, shining and with a color clearness that allows to even observe the image total sun.This system of image is the same that the company uses in its new series of televisions shapes and that surpasses to the LCD in quality, brightness and intensity of image. Samsung NX10, allows to record images in quality HD, being caused that your videos have a good resolution of image. Account with a sensor CMOS that allows to emphasize certain objects of the image like in a film; in addition, it is equipped with interface HDMI. The most difficult part when a digital camera operates outpost is to learn the handling of the menu and the adjustments of each step. Nevertheless, with the NX10 he is simple by the operation facility with which it is designed; so simple that until a nascent one it could handle it without problems.

Another one of the characteristics that make unique to this camera is the function of supersonic dust removal, that it avoids that the accumulated dust by the change of lenses in this way damages the surface of the image sensor and its quality. This does through a sensor of internal movement that reaches the 60 thousand revolutions per second. More characteristics exist many than they do of this model one of the best options for those who wish to begin in the world of the photography at professional level. If you want more information, visits the Web of Samsung. Original author and source of the article