The best option – to use the daily charts, where each day will have its own price level. More accurate alignment can be performed using the hourly or 30-minute charts. But it must take into account the real possibilities of the software, as poor quality software can severely distort the forecast, to give the wrong price levels to enter. With such orientation trend lines have a negative impact on trade false punctures, giving the appearance breakout through a trend line. Unfortunately, to admit the truth or falsity can not break up until bar, breaking the trend will not close, and not begin to trade the following (in Figure 1 is a case in point: within days the price dropped below the trend line, but close above confirmed by the bulls). As a general rule, if the trend is strong, then the closing price returns to him, and you can often see that the closing price is almost exactly on the trendline. Chances for a successful purchase only increase: even if a breakthrough in the bottom of the market and held, then it does not happen today, and the market will have some time range around this point, showing alternately force, the weakness. The pace of price movement developing in the direction opposite to the main trend, rarely are a symptom of a reversal, and soon suggest delaying policy Bulls, confident in their strength and do not want to prematurely enter the playing field. Point 2. Sale of the line of the downtrend in the third contact.