The Century

Jesus is not afraid, not afraid any us. And he says: check that I submit to your experience. I am safe, certain, that suits you. Your experience takes the job of doing the verification, and then tell me if you do not belong. Since then there is no proposal, in life, first having so much confidence in the human heart, and that take so enserio about the man, because Jesus is not imposed, be It proposes. And says: test, is expressed in the see you with me that says the Gospel. Your test, experiencing all the way, this relationship with Jesus, and life itself, your experience will tell you if it corresponds or does not correspond. Therefore in order to make this experience, and come to have this certainty, what if we want to much is able to meet Jesus.

Where is Jesus?, where can I find Jesus? In a place, only in a human place. The same dynamic that had at first, has to continue until the end of the century. Early man, he was a human reality, one carene, the mystery was involved, the mystery made present, and also today after vente centuries, still the same dynamics in a flesh in a human reality, mystery is present, and I do experience the. It is the human, that human flesh, the Christian community is called, I am with you until the end of the world? Therefore in order to have this experience of Christ, it is necessary my accession, meet me, my links, my relationship with this Christian community, which is the Church. No I do not have this relationship, I can never have this real experience with Christ. End of the seminar.