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Landscape design – fun. This is a holiday. it works, is a joy. But I would argue – is hard work. Let's not slishkos serious, we will not hold on his site botanical gardens and arboreta, we will not pay attention to their neighbors. After all, you can arrange your garden so that you can relax, and when to work, it was only in fun. But this is not so difficult.

Lawn, a beautiful small mixborders near the entrance to the house and several trees planted by the group to arrange a place for recreation. That's just a shady corner and talk. Maybe you got a site with old trees can be planted your trees have grown, but maybe you want to arrange a shady garden at the side of the house, where almost always a shadow. Where to start? First, determine how dense shade, and how dry the soil. This is most critical for the plant. In almost any situation you can plant bulbs Spring perennials: daffodils, crocus, bluebell, muscari. They bloom when the leaves on the trees is not yet dissolved.

In the penumbra, where the swaying leaves of trees and sunbeams reaches the ground, you can plant many shade-tolerant plants. But let's look at the earth's surface. If the tree is large, probably exhausted the soil and overdried root system. So plant a ground cover plants, they are unpretentious and well proliferate, forming a carpet .. If you really want to plant flowers, you can use the following trick: make between the roots in the ground big enough groove to fit it in a large flower pot. Put flowers in it. Now the roots of the tree will not be in conflict with the flower. Select 2-3 kinds of plants and plant them, grouped in several instances. The soil between the plants zamulchiruyte bark, leaving small space around each bush. Very nice it will look great stone bench. Here you have a place for recreation that does not require special care. Just do not forget to water and to pour a good time to time nutritious soil for plants. And if you install an automatic watering, then you have to hide from the neighbors, all the work while you are resting. Disgraceful! What to plant? Select plants for shade here.