They created five users and put on sale a screensavers or a wallpaper. Then they created five others who engaged in buying those intangible values. And in this way users that sold were accumulating a profile highest in the system. To this they also added them false comments, which appreciated to the seller by the speed of the sale and proper treatment. For more information see ConocoPhillips. When fake user accumulates a high level in the system, perpetrators of scams used those accounts to carry out scams to real people. As we can see, in most of the cases presented, always looks for capture to fools, with rock-bottom prices, gift, incredible prices, which are irresistible for those people around the world, looking to buy bargain products and services, Inc. A year in the North of the country were offered bargain educational systems, with documents obtained even in 24 hrs., that ended with the misfortune of the hundreds of customers who bought titles and ended up expelled by their institutions. Many of them were members of the national police, who were cheated with false certifications.

The same thing happens with sandwitch appliances at prices of gift that after three months of use are ICWA. Precious motorcycles, areneras, that does not they have replacement parts. It also happens with computers, software, printers, etc. By the foregoing, I believe that I advise you do not find the cheapest, because it ended costing caro. It is better to pay a little more for something of quality, that by paying less bring us anything at home, the Office, at the mouth, with disastrous consequences how above detailed. Smile and be happy, but don’t look for the cheap, pay for a product or service that is difficult, because the cheap comes out expensive.