Captured Light

This last is what is called parallel universes because it moved the quantum occupies all the probabilities of existence at the same time. In relation to this last would have a more developed hypotheses that would enter the term multidimensional hologram, because those universes parallel in addition to coexist also relate each other. Now you will say, okay that had already read it, but that has to do with which the subconscious journey through time. Because our thoughts and subconscious receiving them, are energy and therefore behave according to the fundamentals of quantum physics. And intuition that I mentioned in my previous article is another form of energy that behaves in the way that we know. And in reference to this last quote a phrase of Aristotle: intuition is the source of scientific knowledge sources consulted: the physical quantum in the life daily Juan Muga do that rays know Us? The Institute of Noetic Sciences and Captured Light physical some. Why hide us this knowledge? (YEAR/ZERO XII/01) A happy Pocket full of money David Cameron Gikandi PDF a happy Pocket full of money in me last post also said that in this I would comment that it happened when our subconscious through our intuition changed the destination.

In this regard, I have a personal hypothesis: for me not actually modify the destination (i.e. transform it as the artist does with his works of clay), us when we intend to change our destiny what we are doing is actually change it for another. I.e. I argue to me: there is no infinite destinations and when we want to change it simply we take another that has already been defined but which is different from the preceding? Then with that premise that I’m considering will not be in contradiction the target (such as a fixed and specific fact) to be able to use the free will to continually define our future.