Lung regulates the steps and the water lines and transmits the Qi of water to the bladder. The Qi of water then extending in four directions and moves along the meridians of the five Zang organs. Mitchel Resnick : the source for more info. When describes Triple heater as the way of the body fluids, the classic text questions Simple says: the Triple heater is like an irrigation officer who built waterways. In addition, the fluid that is sent down from the stomach continues being absorbed by the small intestine and the large intestine.A portion of the fluid, after passing by the spleen, lung, and by triple heater, is eliminated through skin and hair capillary in the form of sweat.Another part is sent down into the bladder through the channels of the triple heater and it is eliminated from the body in the form of urine, with the assistance of the Qi of kidney and bladder.Through the actions of all these fluid, Zang-Fu organs of the body comes to skin and hair on the outside, and penetrates in the Zang-Fu organs inside, which nourishes all the tissues and organs of the body.In summary, the formation, distribution, and excretion of bodily fluids is a complicated process made through the coordinated activities of various organs Zang-Fu, especially lung, the spleen and kidneys.Pathological changes of these organs, can consequently affect the formation, distribution, and excretion of bodily fluids.For example, if there is an insufficient production or excessive loss of fluids, body fluid could be damaged or be consumed.An alteration in the distribution of body fluids can lead to their accumulation, which results in retained fluids and edema, or formation of phlegm.Pathological changes of body fluids, in turn, affect the functions of several of the Zang-Fu organs.For example, an invasion to the heart by the trapped water could cause palpitations, fluid retention in the lungs may cause cough with asthmatic breathing, a dryness of the lungs due to the consumption of the body fluids produces dry cough, and a drying of the intestines produces constipation. Functions of body fluid CorporalEl fluid moistens and nourishes the various parts of the body.There are notable differences, without However, in the nature, form and location of different types of body fluids.Light and clear fluids are known as Jin, while thick and heavy liquids are known as Ye.Jin is distributed in the muscle surface and has the function of heat and nourish your muscles and moisturize the skin.Ye is stored in joints and holes and serves to moisturize joints, strengthen the brain and bone marrow, and nourish the body orifices.Since both Jin and Ye are normal fluids in the body and are derived from the same source the refined essence of food and drinks one can transform into the other.Known them jointly by the Jin-Ye (body fluid) term. Original author and source of the article.. Read more here: Ray Kurzweil.

The Better

Even when only participating in a small science fair, or an in-class science fair, you have to assumed that there are a few other parents who are using the same websites that you have, including the judges and the teachers who are grading your children. These duplicate projects mean problems for the teachers, as this approach to the science fair buries the true benefit to the science fair exhibitions: having an exploratory experience. The people who run these exhibitions are hoping for you to come up with something original, on your own. In addition, you have to think about the of experience the student is going through. A competition is their chance to display their own interests, and selecting an easy or inexpensiveproject off of an internet site is not helping them learn. You can check out the library for books, or looking at downloadable ebooks as well. These sources are in general the better places for pre-made ideas because there is a greater variety of choices, and a smaller number of competitors will be able to find each source, giving you a better shot at uniqueness. You have the student create their own experiment, or if this does not go over well, then have the child add their ideas into some aspect of some other science fair experiment they have discovered. Click Petra Diamonds to learn more.

You can borrow a little bit of ideas from the websites, especially from the members only websites that have really good experiments, and books or suggestions with more unique ideas, but make sure to supplement them with an idea of your own! If your kid needs help with their science project ideas and you are lacking in computer and spreadsheet knowledge, do not be afraid to look an expert for help. A majority of those members-only internet sites will give helpful downloads such as ready-made charts and spreadsheets for your child s use. You ought to obtain help from an online tutor, who are almost always biology students in university who are able to assist you out with a little easy advice. Original author and source of the article..

Imperial Japanese Navy

More we must not forget – because he taught me to always remember and know forgive-, that the cause of this tremendous tragedy, has been the irruption in lands Japanese one of the earthquakes and tsunamis greatest of humankind to the present day, and that this drama that is suffering Japan-with nearly 11,000 dead counted until now and I don’t know how many wounded -It is and will always be a sad disaster to never ever forget. The tremendous blow that nature has been infringed by Japan, was an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the scale Fahrenheit, which obviously does not occur every day: men/women have our own limitations – which are many and varied-on Earth in which we live for a limited time, and we are not owners or for a single second of our mortal lives. However, after what happened, one as a small Ant – tiny, fragile and defenseless – feels, what makes me take conscience about our great limitations that humans have. ConocoPhillips pursues this goal as well. Makes me think that not We are masters of our destinies, and that, moreover, we must bear in mind that we should not nor we can live back to reality: our own reality. It can be, and hope that it is the case, Chernobyl and Fukushima mark – a before and a later – in abandonment of nuclear energy, looking for other sources of clean and safe energy, which already exist today: just have to strive to put them into operation. God wants to do so! I am against a pastern and try to think – open heart, – the why of the ills afflicting our society today. I have no doubt, even for a moment, that we are surrounded by multiple hatreds, revenge, envy, fears and so many and so many wars, which have been developed since the beginning of mankind until our days: () I and II Guerra Mundial, and the current wars in Iran and Afghanistan.

All them, inevitably lead us to a world full of misery, poverty and hunger: in short, I must say that only our death is obtained with them similar atomic bomb on Nagasaki (8 August of 1945) atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Mr Truman commanded to throw it. What the story judge you!Japan will never forget that an American aircraft, B 29 (envelope name Enola Gay), at 8.15 in the morning of 6 August 1945, flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters launched the civilian population, the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Later, on August 8, 1945 dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Another man, Mr Truman to President of the United States.UU. It authorized the atomic bombing: the atomic age had begun. I am not who to judge this man; history has already judged it. According to official data approximate 92.167 people; found death in Hiroshima 9.428 serious, and with slight wounds 27.997 wounded. I cannot forget, for a moment, the deaths that took place at the military base of Pearl Harbor, Oahu Hawaii (USA).UU., on December 7, 1941), but this was an attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States Navy, and not against the civilian population. La Coruna (Spain), March 20, 2011 Copyright Mariano Cabrero is writer Google / images original author and source of the article.


Arduino is a platform that combines hardware and free software to turn into reality the dreams of farmers more geek, are getting the foundations of a new much more efficient landscaping in the use of water in the garden. It’s a new generation of irrigation systems that considers the needs of water the plants in the garden, and what you say not a programmed timer. Systems that anyone can build (DIY), very cheap, modular, extensible, you can adapt to your needs and finally share with the rest of the world. The systems are composed of a microcontroller (Arduino board), a set of sensors for temperature, humidity and light (which you can build yourself) and the rest of elements, switches, solenoid valves, modules of transmission, wifi, etc. to create a system as complex as you need.

Gardenbot is an open project for the creation of a system of monitoring of the conditions of a garden that uses Arduino to the current state of the soil to be viewed on a computer. Garduino Shield is another project is open, similar to the previous one which offers you, step by step, the creation of an automated irrigation system based on ambient light, moisture and soil temperature conditions. Voltaic Systems sells a kit Garduino supplemented with solar panels and a battery, so you can get up and running in places where there is no electricity. On Instructables, you can see instructions – step by step – to create systems of irrigation and automatic lighting that also alerts you of the conditions of the Earth via twitter. Original author and source of the article.

Catalan Renaixenca

Because I tell you, don’t worry said, seeing the commitment that I had gotten. This cyclic movement of our recent history, it’s up now, well, to the era in which you are living, the centrifugal and disgregadora manifestation of the Spanish character. As if the Basques are not more Spanish than anyone, as if we had not contributed more than some others to forge the unity of this people! Well, this divisive movement, he says, can only be a mere temporary situation intervened Tovar. More wanted, Antonio, what else would like to! But our family demons, which do not come from far away, just the Catalan Renaixenca and the revival of early nineteenth century nationalism, while in contrast are very deep. An article I read yours, rector, in that sense contributed Don Fili. If I remember correctly, it must have been in the Sun, Madrid. I’m not glad nothing recognize my premonitory capacity in these matters, but it is that it was very easy.

Already warned me towards 1902 or 1903 this regionalism, as it was called then, was a memez and a danger. Among other things, I prefer me to govern from very far that not from the sidewalk in front. So I do not see the face of the shift boss, nor that endure with their importunities it getting down to the most trivial detail of my life. You will forgive me, gentlemen, but I will take my cafelito said Martin Gaite, with a sweetness and softness that seemed a disruption in any way. That was as a call to the dissolution of the Group: it is that we took too much time talking with you and this is not usual Adares was justified.

Then? Because this means that it has been very nice to stick the strand with you, but that each one must go to their stuff and you, I guess, will have to return to the place from where has been completed the Torrente explanation. I said, annoyed at having to interrupt that magical moment, as Rapture of the senses, in which I had installed without knowing how, or for how long. But, you, will continue here?, you are not dead? That we are clear replied, very seriously, Tovar. That even resurrect is not invented, I know. So we will be dead, as God intended. PE but does not go to heaven, or some similar place, I say? It is not what should be in these cases? Do you know what is the sky, young? Unamuno, asked me with a ren that did not know him. Well not. What does you think, then, that this is not the sky? Or is that you know a site better than the Plaza Mayor to spend the years, he found wonderful people of recent times, and learn from the mistakes themselves and others? If this isn’t heaven of truth that resembles him much. Other than yourself so skeptical or so conventional as it wants to be and pray that someday may come to stay in a place like this. During this second season and brief speech, everyone else had gone disappearing without that I would have noticed. Before me, there were only the two guiding. Then, Unamuno grabbed the arm to Tovar, began to move away slowly with that slow and relaxed riding that had been noted previously and they were chatting among themselves. Already not I could hear more what they said. Original author and source of the article.

Memorization Los Principles

THE development of memory is a skill that most would like to practice, although only a few decide to practice, what they don’t know is that there are techniques and memorization exercises that are extremely simple, everyone can develop mind Oh mind incredible levels human is one of the most wonderful tool that is conceived, in a nutshell is where we analyzeWe think, we learn, we chose, we imagine, we love (so, love does not come from the heart), etc. At the same time is extremely complex since it has different levels or subconscious: the lower self or subconscious, the Middle I or consciousness and self Superior or superego. To understand it a little more, pay attention to the following: when you leave work for a hard day’s work, vas driving course to your House and you get lost in different thoughts, you can imagine several things while they driving. When you react you realize that you’re at the entrance of your home. You manejaste all the way, you detuviste in each signal at traffic lights, without being aware of what they were doing, who did all this? Your subconscious, which you scheduled through the practice.

Now what time? Almost all of our memory, our imagination etc. is in the subconscious There is where they have to focus on memorization exercises to have a real and accelerated development of our memory. But that is the memory? Is where is received, processed, archived and retains all information, such as a computer’s memory, the difference is that human memory suffers constant changes that is mixed with emotions, feelings and different stimuli. As you mentioned above the memory is in the subconscious and is impossible to control it in its entirety, although with correct memorization exercises you can control it in 99% the first thing that must be done is not despair, because that development occurs in a progressive manner. To start just want to give you a few little tips, but highly effective to keep your mind in shape (which I will adding new articles) get to work! -Play Sudoku, if you do not know it is a puzzle of numbers which is becoming very popular, can I acquired magazines with these games in the magazines post or looking for some online, maybe that at first you break you a little head but then truthful it is entertaining and at the same time you keep your mind working at an excellent rate. -Performs tasks which you are not familiar, when you do your mind to work triple since he is learning new things and not just in theory but that these performing physically. But if these happy with your daily work what you can do is change your objects in place, change the place where guards the keys for example, this will keep your mind alert since always knowing where the leave your mind will be relaxed. -Displays, this is powerful and one of my favorites, when viewing is easier to remember things, I am sure that if we intend to we can remember to detail any film that we He liked. If you have to remember a text imagine as if it were watching what is narrated in the. I would like to me to leave a comment on this article you just read and also tell me a little and tell me which is your main frustration when trying to remember or memorize something, I’ll be personally answering your questions and comments.