Learning From Mistakes

When mounting material for your site, your blog or website hosting service always gives you a key to access the control panel so you can enter information, whether they be articles, products etc. It is vital that these keys are only for your knowledge, is recommended as you have noted in a safe place. But for any reason you provide it to others or even for work unless they are staff of Hosting Assistants can you work with. Consider it necessary to discuss this issue and personally I made the mistake of not to store this information for myself, the lack of experience and knowledge as well as for work, took me to give this information to third parties. What happened? Perhaps these people in turn provided it to others … or just someone had access to them by other means. Weeks later I noticed with surprise that he had lost all the information that was in one of my blogs. Thank God, support the hosting company with which work, could recover. Unfortunately again some months later the same thing happened again but unfortunately for reasons of personal nature not contact me until after hosting a few weeks of the incident and, despite the efforts of technical support could not recover nothing I mean not only the total loss of all the info, as well as months of hard work but also having to start over and install having to retype the entire blog again. I must admit that there were two errors on my part: the first has not changed the access codes to the hosting control panel the first time I did this happen and the second was not doing a back-up my blog, something to do each month, while the list of subscribers to your autoresponder JOINING weekly.