Mendoza Instructions

Ensure that your notebook delayed in being carried notebooks repair service in Mendoza, continues the items listed below: battery or if you connect your notebook to electricity, it is recommended to remove the battery to optimize its durability. or use the battery until it is fully discharged. It is then when you need to charge it again. or caring for the same fall or be knocked. The LCD screen or try not to touch the screen. or when you close the notebook, verify on the keyboard there is nothing that can damage the screen.

or antipelusas used a dry cloth to clean the LCD. If you are looking for a more thorough cleaning, comes a special liquid to clean the screen without damaging it can be in the service of repair of notebooks of Mendoza. Keyboard or not on the keyboard, should, be ingested food and beverages. or you do not place heavy objects that could break it. or dust accumulated on the keys will have to remove it with a soft brush. Ports or disconnect any external device before you turn off the notebook.

The ventilation system or located your notebook on firm surfaces to avoid unstable surfaces like beds, blocking the vent mechanism and break your equipment. or care that does not accumulate dirt and lint that obstruct the ventilation of your personal computer. or you do not expose your notebook at too high temperatures. Software or avoids frequent operating system changes and recurrently formatted hard disks. or you install only the precise programs. or update your antivirus. or not you install programs whose minimum requirements exceed those of your notebook. or not you upload your hard disk with unnecessary files. Other recommendations or to transport your notebook takes protective bag. or if you carry it in your car, put it in the back seat or in a place where not suffer blows if you suddenly lockup.