Employee Surveys

Analysis of employee satisfaction survey software a serious conducted employee survey serves as an important source for the analysis of employee satisfaction. Often is seen however due to the accumulated effort by a survey or it not regularly reviewed in a reasonable frame. The use of survey software can greatly facilitate here work. Hear other arguments on the topic with Max Schireson. Survey software, developed by Infonautics GmbH InfoWiz solves easily the entire process from the creation of the questionnaire, the acquisition of responses, up to the statistically meaningful evaluations with a mouse click. The easy to use survey software allows the user to quickly and easily create an own individual questionnaire. Source: kevin ulrich. Various question types and filter options can be defined. Create an employee satisfaction survey can also be simplified by the staff questionnaire provided with the software is used as a template. This can easily be adapted and company-specific issues be complemented.

The evaluation of the questionnaire is often very time consuming and the arbeitsintensivste part of a survey at all. Here, too, the survey software saves you InfoWiz many working hours. Differentiated and detailed statistics can be called at any time via mouse click. With the survey software InfoWiz can meet both online surveys as conducted surveys in paper form, to each participant. The flexible structure of the software allows of course also surveys of other target groups such as customers, patients, guests, etc.

The survey software InfoWiz runs under Windows XP/Vista/7. The software is offered in the languages German, English, French and Italian and can be purchased as a single space or network version and installed. Further information Internet: email: about INFONAUTICS GmbH founded in 1995, INFONAUTICS GmbH implemented innovative and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. To further by INFONAUTICS GmbH developed software products include among others a Commission free online booking system for hotels, a real-time backup program running Backup in the background, an alternative Windows Start menu for quick access to programs and files, as well as more innovative software tools that facilitate everyday office life.