Three Main Objectives Of Sand Industry

According to the development environment of the building materials in China, sand and gravel industry should develop towards the following three main objectives:1. Saving resources and developing artificial sand. At present, the production of natural and artificial sand account for 50% sand respectively. However, with the reduction of natural sand resources and the need for environmental protection, developing artificial sand is the future trends. 2 Getting benefits from technology and industrial deepening construction. Currently, our society has entered a period of industrialization as a whole and some backbone enterprises of the sand and gravel industry has made great achievements in management, mechanization level equipment factory (sand making machine, sand washer) and the degree of automation. The sand and gravel industry must conduct a few efforts to practice in the above aspects, if they cannot do well in these facets, to some extent, they will not keep up with the pace of industrialization of the whole society.

The sand industry should change their concepts and they should not only focus on the operating and efficiency. The sand industry should establish high standards, which will bring up a chain reaction. And then the operation mode will be adjusted, operating system to be changed and the market will be active again so that the productivity of labor, management level and especially the use ratio of sand and gravel will significantly improve. The quality of the gravel and the system to ensure the quality of the sand and gravel will be effectively guaranteed, the organization guarantee will also be more reliable and the development of sand industry is just a matter of 2. Extending industry chain and increasing the value-added of products. The extension of the sand and gravel industry is a two-pass, the upward direction is to develop and manufacture mining machinery and the downward direction is to develop commercial concrete and construction, having large development space. The room for the alliances and reorganization of enterprises is large and it can sand combine with concrete, cement, mining, machinery manufacturing, sales and other industries to make a cross-industry, cross-cutting industry integration group.

Taking cement industry as example, it needs to study the upstream and downstream industries when doing its own industry well. Learning from the development experience of cement, sand and gravel industry can determine their position in the big industrial chain. The sand enterprises should get benefits from the, conduct deep processing of the products to make value-added, make full use of the advantages of other industries, implement the good idea and have the courage to go beyond.