Medium Tank

Commander's tank was developed in 1954 and adopted by the adopted in 1958, he differed from the tank by the presence of a linear short-wave radios additional P-112 and benzoelektricheskogo charger unit for power consumers in the long-term operation in the parking lot. Exchange machine-gun sgmt has been saved. With the use of components and assemblies of the T-54 were developed and mass-produced self-propelled SU-122 and ZSU-57-2, launched bridge mtu bronetyagach BPS-2 and self-propelled crane SEC-12d. Some of the tanks has been fitted for mounting mine roller-trawl PT-54 tank btu bulldozer, snowplow tsa and individual craft PST-54. T-54 tank had two versions – T-54A and T-54B. Export T-54 and its modifications carried out in 39 countries. Medium Tank T-54A Medium Tank T-54A was developed in Tagil design bureau under the leadership of ln Kartseva and adopted in the 1955 serial production was carried out from 1955 to 1957 in , Tagil and Omsk. For the first time Soviet tank manufacturing in a production tank gun mounted D-10TG with stabilizer in the vertical plane of the STF-1 'Horizon' and eductor for purging the barrel of gunpowder gases after the shot. These technical solutions served as the beginning of a great work of designers in this field and at the end of the first postwar period, all tanks were held at the Soviet Army, had a two-plane gun stabilizer for aimed Shooting on the move and the kicker is to reduce the gas content of the fighting compartment. Propulsion appeared stage air cleaner and radiator shutter controlled to maintain optimal engine operation.