American Conflicts

The ecologists, who have often described the exorbitant powers as the mining sector like a relic of another age, consider that the protection of the environment and the ecosystems must happen before the deprived interests of that sector. The mining regions are contaminated by toxic products in Quebec. Some miners do not vacillate judicially persecuting to citizens and groups who attack in Canada, which considers like strategic persecution against the public participation English SLAPP in. Of the 171 societies mentioned in the report, that analyzes 171 " incidentes" or happened conflicts of social or environmental nature between 1999 and 2009, 34% are of the Canadian miners. These are to the center of the greatest conflicts. 63% of the outstanding incidents in this study are of originating miners of five countries. The Canadian societies only, are responsible for 33% of the conflicts, that is to say four times more than the attributed ones to the companies of India and Australia (8%), followed by the American and British miners (6%).

Generally, the Canadian miners monopolize 75% of all the you soothe social of this industry in the world. One adds us in the analysis, that of all the incidents attributed to the Canadian miners, 60% are conflicts with the members of local communities and 40% touch different forms from deterioration of the environment. In short, 30% of those " incidentes" they are the fact of opposite attitudes to the ethics, that often imply the private agencies of security. Only 13% of the cases, are related to work conflict. The incidents analyzed in this study come from public denunciations of humanitarian groups (65%), of local organizations (25%), of national governments (22%), of social protests of the affected place (21%), of mass media (21%), of international governmental organisms (15%), of courts (13%) and university sources (8%). The authors of the study rejected all the cases where the information cannot be corroborated by several sources. Of the 124 analyzed societies that publish their annual information in Internet, 78% they adhere of diverse ways to the principles of social Responsibility of the companies (RSE).

By virtue of this concept, the companies integrate the social, environmental preoccupations and economic in its activities with the population, but on a voluntary base. Really, one is a form of application of particularly useful principles of viable development in the countries that do not have or have few social or environmental norms, or where the rotten regimes do not apply Very interesting and significant the information to them that indicates envelope to us that the authors of the report when it comments: that of " all evidence, the Canadian miners and the companies of exploration must change of strategy if they want to improve his relations with the communities, the governments, the civil society and the attenuation of riesgos" that they bring about his activities. The operators of gold mines are followed very in the dock in this report, in comparison to the mines of copper (13%) and coal (12%) that are at the top of the squad. The hot spots of these conflicts are India (10%), Indonesia (9%), the Philippines (8%) and the democratic Republic of the Congo (7%). But we added the incidents by region, Latin America arrives at the top with 32%, followed by sub-Sahara Africa (24%), by Asia of South-east (19%) and by Asia the Center-south (12%). The source of intelligence from where this news as removed it is Newspaper Him Devoir –