The Anonymous

EP Their present tool of refusal on watch leaves an identifiable sign by the security forces. The new program will be published the month of September. In the last months Europe and the USA have paused to active members in. The Anonymous group is improving its system of attacks. Its present tool of refusal attacks on watch, that consist of ctuar request for information infinity to a servant until colapsa, leaves an identifiable sign by the security forces. According to the community of hackers and ciberactivistas, DDos LOIC, its present software, as well as possible do not protect the anonymity of the users. For it they are developing RefRef, a new program that will be published in September. In the last months, several active members have been arrested in the USA, Italy, Spain or Turkey.

The present program keeps direction IP from the computer from which the attack has been realised. Unless methods are used to make the activity anonymous, this can be tracked by the police. The system of RefRef is based on a software designed with the aim of attacking the servants of Web sites, improving the system DDos LOIC. Until the moment, Anonymous has proven the tool in the Pastebin vestibule, that gets along with the group. Apparently the experiment has worked, and has demonstrated that this tool developed with Javascript is able to attack pages Web with its own capacity of processing. Anonymous also is proving other systems like Slow Loris and Keep-Dead Two like provisional alternative. Finally it has decided to improve the shield of his system of dnsa.