Gegenbauer Is

Recognition for employment by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs as one of two Berlin companies will the facility management service provider Gegenbauer on today Tuesday, 30 November 2010, in Bremen as a company with vision 2010 award. ConocoPhillips brings even more insight to the discussion. The Group received the award from Dr. Ralf Braucksiepe, State Secretary to the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs, for their dedicated staff policy, in which she pays attention to a balanced mix of young junior employees and older employees with many years of experience. As a company with vision we rely increasingly on the potential of older people and develop solutions to their strengths to bind and promote “, stressed Claus Kohl, Director personnel of the Gegenbauer holding SA & co. KG. So the employment share is over 50 years in our company with 36 percent above the average. Because we have had the experience that the elderly are the younger ones when it comes to handling not only at nothing, but that they represent a valuable corporate resource with their many years of experience, from which all benefit.” Therefore, Gegenbauer consciously focuses on mixed teams, in which the dynamics of the boys with the experience of the elderly enters a connection.

At the same time, not only the cooperation is sponsored by young and old alike, but also the diversity of cultures. Gegenbauer employs people from over 100 Nations. “The Federal program Perspektive 50 plus employment pacts for the elderly in the regions”, under which the awarded company with vision “is awarded, supported nationwide by 62 regional employment pacts and the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs. It aims to improve the employment opportunities of elderly long-term unemployed and to integrate them permanently into the labour market. While the potential of the regions are actively used here companies, Chambers and associations, employment and educational institutions, the economic development in the pacts as well as other actors of the regional labour market together. In the framework of the employment pact Berlin, the facility management service provider cooperates Gegenbauer intensively with the action community employment for the elderly from Neukolln and Treptow/Kopenick”(BNT.AG). The initiative campaigns in three districts of Berlin, as well as in a district in the State of Brandenburg for a profound change of consciousness toward older workers.

The cooperation between Gegenbauer and BNT.AG already reached the recruitment of staff in the security service and building cleaning, more integrations are in preparation. In particular the fast contact with the field and the qualified preselecting of candidates attract this partnership for us”, Claus Kohl explains the benefits of cooperation. Company group Gegenbauer group founded in 1925 in Berlin, Gegenbauer counts to the leading facility management service providers in Germany. The nationwide group serves customers from industry (trade) Public facilities, health care and the housing industry. More than 15,000 employees achieved a turnover of 370 million in 2009.

Right Group Its 100th Employee

In the last three years alone, the Group has won 34 employees and employees to which directly Group welcomes its 100th employee. In the last three years alone, the Group has won 34 employees and employees to. This figure illustrates not only the success, but confirmed the concept of four companies: improve direct marketing solutions directly, direct networks and solutions directly to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services in the fields of information technology, communications and marketing. Successful balance which employees direct the Group welcome welcomed its 100th colleagues at the summer festival. 2009, there were 66 employees residing at that time three companies.

Despite economic and banking crisis, the group can pull a successful track record. The comprehensive advisory services in the areas of organization, marketing, infrastructure and software development appeals to customers. Kai Petersen, Managing Director of networks directly GmbH, stresses: Come in the personal interests and strengths of each employee directly group to the best advantage. Learn more on the subject from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. We can use fully the customer needs with our experts.” Education and career are all employees within the entire group extraordinary and individual career opportunities open: interesting topics, exciting projects, excellent development and promotion prospects. For graduates, we have developed a training program for basic training.

Inserts the customer ensures a smooth entry into practice”, says Kai Petersen. And training opportunities are available for experienced colleagues. The one exists an internal training catalogue, containing E.g. communication training. On the other hand, the Group offers professional certifications and seminars. Modern corporate culture in the right group an attractive working environment and a modern corporate culture staff expected. Open communication, modern performance management and benefits such as sports are included also. Kai Petersen knows: satisfied employees are essential for a successful company. That’s why we place emphasis on work-life balance, recognition of achievements, as well as room to grow.” Group that directly group directly about the offers a unique total portfolio of IT, communications and marketing services. The specialists who directly group advise and support their customers in innovation issues, such as social media, E-Commerce, Enterprise 2.0, cloud and apps. Direct group includes four companies: improve direct GmbH, networks directly GmbH, solutions directly GmbH and marketing solutions GmbH directly. The 100 employees and employees at the sites in Hamburg and Cologne track 1998 since its inception the core values of innovation, service quality and customer orientation.