Robtica Conscience

Robtica conscience In that sunny afternoon, I went down in my garden to meditar. The thoughts went and came as butterflies around of the light without me to cause no emotion. – Master Buddha who was that it said exactly? He had finished to read a book of those masters Hindu and Buddha haunted my mind. – What was that it said exactly? Ah I remembered; When pergutarem to the Buddha, what he is the man? It ordered to bring a lettuce and started to take off it the leaves. When nothing more he remained, he said the master, here it is the man. He wanted to perhaps say, nothing more than a hollow bamboo, in which celestisal music sounds. I continued with my thoughts …..

Imagine? celestial music, ahead of as much misery! Freud where if it incases ‘ ‘ Eros, pulso sexual with trend to preservation of life, and Tanatos, pulso of death, that would lead to the segregation of everything what he is alive, to the destruction. Both the pulses do not act of isolated form, are always working in conjunto’ ‘. Deuses of new? While it heard my monlogos, I sighted a doll, a doll? Vine if approaching, when I perceived that it was a robot! I asked? – Who is you? – You Who I know were not ventrloquo! I asked another time? – Who is you – You, I are part of you; – I and you, I and the robot, are I? – Yes Suddenly in one he has relaunched I understood, what he lacked the Buddha and Freud. A formation in computer science. What it is our mind? We are nothing more than an accumulated series of software! I will choose a good happy software and either! He knows you exactly.