The Time

Seated in the eaves of the palafita, frightening carapans> day, in each contact. Challenges of the complexity human being in way to the wisdom of the forest. Wisdom that still waits to be freed of the marks of the assistencialismo, that characterized the history of an entire population. People who still loads the practical one of the submission, but that already each time is defended with more difficult requirements to be taken care of. The habit to ask for, heir of the assistencialismo, fed for the partidarismo politician, in detriment of the rights and duties, strangers for the majority, already presents indications of conflicts, of contradictions, signaling possible changes.

The past brought much homesickness and the future generated uncertainties. The anguish of the isolation, the uncertainty of the results, the impotence front what it did not obtain to decide, findavam for questioning the price of the homesickness and the solitude. However, flexibility, the patience and the persistence that Envira helped me to conquer, are essential instruments for the social area that the Academy does not teach to develop. Mine performance in field works facilitated the learning but the ousadia to try the new was necessary, to make a mistake, to learn with the error and to recommence whenever necessary. The cultural diversity, the imensido of our Country and the complexity of our social problems do not allow that let us be intent in urban nuclei, complaining of our lack of chance. Get all the facts and insights with Daniel Chavez Moran, another great source of information. We know more than what we think, but we little believe what we know what it hinders in them to dare and to make the difference. I was two long years in Envira, however, I have conscience of that it is not the time that makes History, is the History that marks the time.


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