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This is caused by the seal of the German Association for sustainable building (DGNB). The certification guarantees highest standards and also examines the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development BMVBS on request in the future also privately developed rating systems according to a strict set of criteria and gives them the seal of the BMVBS tested and approved system”. This systems are comparable and get yourself a quality seal”, on the basis of the quality of the evaluation system as well as of the building as a whole is guaranteed for the investor and further reduces the risk of the investment. In a worldwide comparison are in Germany, as the largest Real estate market in Europe, with the NBB rating systems and the German sustainable building (Council DGNB) seal is still relatively young, but especially for mature systems available. All aspects of sustainable construction are standardized for the first time in them. Hear from experts in the field like Professor of Internet Governance for a more varied view. The factor so important for investors this includes economics in addition to ecology, Soziokulturellem and the technical performance of. Because apart from the responsibility towards the environment, an investor only for a sustainable building is interested, if it pays off.

So the investor can calculate the return on the investment, it requires however more indicators and comprehensive local operational and transaction data. These do not exist, he may the invoice not or only partially active and the investment carries a higher risk for it automatically. “Accordingly, a relevant study is desirable for Europe, the profitability of Green Buildings” compares with ordinary buildings, and represents in detail. In the sector of Office buildings are the need for and interest in sustainable buildings remain unabated. They currently account for the largest share of sustainable real estate market. Finally, a large part of the total cost of undertaking in the operating cost flows and much money can be saved through energy-efficient buildings and technologies.

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Fear of inflation and low mortgage rates animate the lingering uncertainties on the international capital markets increased the purchase of real estate and a shaky euro stir up fear of inflation in Germany remains. Rising commodity prices, and in particular the seemingly unstoppable rise of the gold price clearly reflect the expectations of investors. But not only speculators and professional investors use the investment in tangible assets as alleged protection against the expected devaluation. Since the beginning of the global financial crisis, the German earners increasingly invested in concrete gold. The purchase of own real estate was rare so strongly pushing forward like in the last few years. This has resulted in that, particularly in the German conurbations, real estate prices have increased sustainably. Imminent overheating in hot spots such as Hamburg and Munich are recognizable clear evidence of an emerging real estate bubble.

The supply squeeze is clearly, investment decisions are now made in record time. One was formerly the purchase Interest rate home or a rented condo still a choice for which the investors took time and alone identified the appropriate object, today it is reality, that an adequate reflection period after seeing too often leads, that an other buyer was faster and is awarded the contract. Cheap interest rates act as a decision amplifier remains very favourable interest rates for private mortgage lending when many real estate buyers as a powerful decision support and ratchets up the greed of investors. In places the party calls and conversations on the Putting Green reminiscent of the weddings of client models and special depreciation for the new federal States. The estate used to be a part of a balanced investment strategy, so the real estate for the majority of investors become today the Holy Grail of the investors. A cool head and a calculator are asked of course works are scarce offers, at the same time increasing demand, the price development as an accelerant. Who is When investors want to hands-off and avoid future losses, which will not fail to keep a cool head, to use his calculator and to consider any offer on plausibility. The real achievable rental has always been the best consultant when buying a property.

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